New ownership at Hilltop Golf Course

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Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Monday, November 06, 2017 9:55PM

As the golf season comes to a close, the Hilltop Golf Course in Peterborough has changed hands.

When the Hilltop, formerly the Monadnock Country Club, nearly closed last year due to flagging revenues, three residents, Vickie Brock, Nadia MacStay and Paul Buffum, banded together to re-open the golf course and function hall under the new name. Now, the Hilltop Golf Course business has been purchased by Annie Card of Peterborough.

Card said that seeing not only former Monadnock Country Club members, but an influx of new golfers gave her the confidence to put together a business plan to present to the MacDowell Colony, which owns the land and building.

She said it was only through the efforts of Brock, MacStay and Buffum keeping the green open and in good condition that she was able to take on the course this year.

“Their mission was to open it, so that it didn’t turn into a hay field or worse, and they accomplished their mission,” said Card, who said ownership of the business was officially transferred to her on Halloween.

Card first picked up golf in the 1990s, she said, and started to play the sport more regularly six or seven years ago — always with the Monadnock Country Club as her main course. So she had a vested interest in making sure that the course stayed open, and was one of the residents who lent her time when Brock, Buffum and MacStay re-opened the course. 

But as the season came to a close, said Card, she wanted to be more involved.

“At the end of the season, there wasn’t really a plan to go forward,” said Card in an interview Monday.

Previously, the golf course was run as a nonprofit, with all decisions made by a board of directors. 

“I'm hopeful that streamlining the decision-making process to one person, with an eye to running it as a business will be a better recipe for success,” said Card.

The golf course will still be open through this Sunday, due to the unseasonably warm weather, but Card said she’s going to be putting most of her energy into promoting the Monadnock Room, the course’s function hall, in order to pay winter expenses and leave the business in good shape for next year. She sees event rentals being the key to keeping the business viable.

“If all of the supporters [of the Hilltop Golf Course] thinks about the function hall when they have an event, a wedding or a graduation party or a holiday party, that’s going to carry us through,” she said.

The hall is 2,100 square feet, and can accommodate up to 175 people seated in the main hall, with another 30 to 40 on the side porch. 

As for the course itself, Card said she’ll continue to build on the brand that she started this year, of Hilltop being a golfing spot for the terminally busy.

“You can do the course in about an hour,” said Card. “In a time where golf courses are closing all over the country because memberships and guest visits are way down, I think Hilltop Golf Course can win in this landscape because we’re small. Everybody is incredibly busy, and most people, even if they love the game, don’t have three or four hours to go out and play a round.”

For more information about the Hilltop Golf Course, or to rent the Monadnock Room, visit hilltopgolf.net or contact annie@hilltopgolf.net.


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