Antrim decides contested Planning Board, Library Trustee races

Thursday, March 14, 2019 9:57PM

Antrim’s planning board will feature three new members this year.

John Anderson (294 votes) and Mark D. Murdough (249 votes) were elected to three-year terms over William K. Fluhr (135 votes), while Neal Pattison defeated Jeff Wilson by a vote of 178 to 157 for a two-year seat on the board.

“I’m supporting John Anderson and Mark Murdough for Planning Board,” Kayle Luther said Tuesday evening outside the Antrim Town Hall. “They both have good skills and good viewpoints. I know Mark does financial management and John is very creative.”

No incumbent Planning Board members ran for re-election this cycle.

Four library trustees were elected in contested races.

Richard Wood and Stephen Ullman were elected for three-year seats over Doris “Shelley” Nelkens; Margaret C. Warner was elected to a two-year seat over Sarah Burt and Victor Rosansky; and Nancy Blair was elected to a one-year term.

A number of other contested races were also settled Thursday.

Peter Beblowski beat Jeffrey Barsanti by a vote of 268 to 120 for a three-year term as water and sewer commissioner.

Sarah W. Edwards was elected to a three-year term as a trustee of the trust funds over William Bryk by a vote of 294 to 108.

In an uncontested race, Robert Edwards was re-elected to the Select Board.

Town Meeting continues Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the town hall.