Local voices or corporate voices?

Last modified: 2/12/2014 5:57:01 PM
To the editor:

In the mail at the end of 2013, many residents of Antrim received a mailing that began, “Dear Atrium residents.” No, that isn’t an error in my spellcheck; it was an error on the part of Antrim Wind Energy.

The founders and employees of Antrim Wind Energy, or AWE as the acronym coyly presents, are not from the town of Antrim, yet they have taken it upon themselves to write a zoning ordinance for us, effectively doing away with the Rural Conservation District designation. If the people of Antrim vote for this ordinance, which has no wildlife or ecological protections whatsoever in all 11 pages of text, the door will be opened to a future in which development could occur that might well be at odds with the character of the area.

This is not about wind, this is about zoning. This is about local voices being the decision makers on local issues.

Katharine Sullivan



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