Another win for our ‘Granny D’

Last modified: 7/18/2014 5:06:35 PM
To the editor:

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig is calling a mayday on our democracy, a stress signal to all Americans to join him in the fight for campaign finance reform with his “Mayday PAC to end all Pacs.” Started in May and June of 2014 as an experiment, the PAC has become a wild success, with fundraising goals — $5 million by July 4th — demolished in startling time. My first reaction was “fighting PACS with yet another PAC? I don’t think so.” His reply, “Embrace the irony,” to build a super PAC to displace all super PACS even itself.

Last week’s photo of “Granny D” in the Thursday Ledger-Transcript reminded me of how sad I felt seeing this country going in the complete opposite direction of all she fought for. I learned of the Mayday PAC on the Internet and now I look at that picture with bounding joy at her happy smile and hope. I’ve even cut it out and posted it near my computer for inspiration.

Please, go to their website,; learn of this movement, donate if you are able, or, more importantly, follow the fight and join in whenever you can.

How about starting a Doris Haddock home-based revival and spreading the information to other newspapers throughout the state? Do it for “Granny D.” Do it for America. Take back our Democracy.

Elaina DelRossi



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