Edelblut explores a run for governor seat

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Last modified: Wednesday, October 28, 2015
State Rep. Frank Edelblut (R-Wilton) has been making rounds across the state, talking to constituents about a plan for economic development and laying groundwork for a potential gubernatorial run.

Edelblut has not officially announced his candidacy for the position, but has been considering a run for governor since the end of July.

While still refusing to make the decision official, Edelblut launched a website and Facebook page for his candidacy shortly after Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan announced that instead of seeking re-election, she’d be turning her eye to the U.S. Senate to vie for Republican Kelly Ayotte’s current seat.

“I’m continuing to move forward in my exploratory process,” said Edelblut in an interview on Wednesday.

“Right now, I’m on the ‘Rubber chicken and spaghetti dinner circuit,’ as I call it. I’m out, meeting people, and getting feedback on whether they like the ideas and directions that I’m going in. So far, I’m getting a very good vibe, so I’m still very much on track and moving in the direction of running.”

A final decision on whether Edelblut will be running will be made in the first quarter of 2016, said Edelblut.

Edelblut is a relative newcomer to the political sphere, elected as state representative of Hillsborough District 38 in 2014, and serving as a water commissioner in Wilton currently.

Edelblut said the platform he’s been touting on his travels has a basic core of improving the state’s economic development.

“We have some gems in the area of advanced manufacturing,” said Edelblut, who said the state should build on that existing success. “We need to take advantage of that space, because we have expertise in that.”

Edelblut added that New Hampshire shouldn’t see its large aging population as a threat to its economics, but an opportunity for industry growth by specializing in providing services those populations will need, such as financial services and health care.

“I want to marry that population with a growing need for health care and grow niche businesses in the medical space,” said Edelblut.

Edelblut is a former auditor for Price Waterhouse, CFO of a public company, and the founder of Control Solutions, an audit and risk management company he sold in 2009.

He then joined Common Angels, a company that provides capital to early-stage technology companies to help them grow, add employees and improve their business.

For more information about Edelblut’s platform and speaking appearances, visit frankedelblut.com or find his Facebook page.

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