The best cheap places to stay in NFL cities

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After following my heart and getting absolutely destroyed last week, it is time for me to take a rest. That’s right, I am taking a bye week. My hammies and glutes are sore from sitting in front of the computer figuring out my picks. I need to sit in a whirlpool, get a cortisone shot and take a rest for the week. In my stead, my friend, the talented artist, Lee Walton, will be making my picks.

Lee Walton is an experientialist. His original plan was to play center field for the San Fransisco Giants. His back up plan was to become an artist.

Walton’s practice includes drawing, performance, system-based events, new media and social practice. Walton has been commissioned by museums, institutions and cities, both nationally and internationally, to create exhibitions, lecture and lead participatory public events. He can now add the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript to that list, expect this isn’t really a commission. It is a favor.

My favorite work by Lee relates to games, sports and systems. He creates systems-based drawings based on baseball games and chess matches. These drawings appear completely abstract and are made a series of lines, curves and ink washes tied to actions and then structured by time.

He once set up a pitching machine in a gallery to leave it blasting fastballs into the wall. Giving the viewer the experience of being the batter’s box at a major league game. He wrote, “This participatory sculpture work invited visitors to drop baseballs into the machine – thus becoming willfully complicit in simultaneously creating the spectacle and destroying the gallery wall.” Ha ha ha. It was beautiful.

In 2003-2004, he set up a free throw competition versus Shaquille O’Neal in which he attempted a free throw after every one Shaq took, trying to beat his percentage.

Here are Walton’s picks for Week 10 — based on selecting super cheap places to stay via Air BnB listings in each team’s city.

Green Bay (‘Cozy single room in a quiet area’) vs. Detroit (‘RV parking with electrical hookup’)

Green Bay: There is nothing scary about this place. I would sleep like a baby.

Detroit: Aki is sticking his tongue out in his profile pic. This makes me think it might be party time at the RV! I may just want to watch Netflix on my phone…. (boring I know).

Winner: Green Bay

Tennessee (‘Cottage in Chattanooga’) vs. Carolina (‘Apartment in Northlake’)

Tennessee: Chattanooga knows how to party. It’s that simple. Winner.

Panthers: Jason, your bathroom looks nice and clean — and it’s always great to have company, but I still would rather party in Chattanooga.

Winner: Tennessee

Chicago (‘Clean, Cozy Lakeview Bed’) vs. St. Louis (‘Pullout Couch in Great Neighborhood’)

Chicago: I really love the idea of meeting three new people and spending time together. Top Bunk! Called it!

St. Louis wins because Michael obviously takes things to the next level. I am sure the refrigerator is stocked too.

Winner. St. Louis

Miami (‘Girls, the spot is here!’) vs. Philadelphia (‘Spend the night at a fiber farm’)

Philly wins this one for sure. Staying at a fiber farm would bring back so many wonderful memories from when I was a kid. Plus, probably tons of warm throw blankets.

Miami almost got my pick. However, Oscar’s spot is for girls only! Oscar, you’re a turkey, dude. Live a little!

Winner: Philadelphia

Cleveland (‘Private Room on the Westside’) vs. Pittsburgh (‘Private Room with central heating’)

Cleveland: This place seems tailor made just for me. How did you guess? I absolutely love showering with cats. Peek-a-boo, little kitty…

Pittsburgh, you almost got my pick. I just feel like you tried to over do it with your over-the-top interior decorating. But that bed does look so cozy!

Winner: Cleveland

Dallas (‘Texas style couch space’) vs. Tampa Bay (‘Floating crash pad’)

Dallas you lose this one. For such a big state, that little throw pillow is ridiculous.

Tampa Bay wins. Any listing that features its space with a picture of a toilet and used the word “floating” always wins.

Winner: Tampa Bay

Washington (‘Closest couch to Metro Arlington’) vs. New Orleans (‘Small Cozy Room!’)

Washington, you almost got my pick. I would totally sleep on any porch with chair that looks like a catcher’s mitt.

However, New Orleans gets my pick. Nothing about this small cozy room scares me.

Winner: New Orleans

Buffalo (‘Nice room for one’)vs. New York Jets (‘Beds, baths and bikes’)

Buffalo, I have a new camera and I think Linda can help me figure out how to use F-Stop function.

Jets: You win! Everything about this place feels just like home. I would look forward to the routine.

Winner: N.Y. Jets

Jacksonville (‘Gypsy flop spot’) vs. Baltimore (‘Private bedroom’)

Even thought staying at a ‘Gypsy Flop Spot’ sounds therapeutic, I think I would be able to stretch out and really get a much needed night sleep in this little car bed.

Winner: Baltimore

Minnesota (‘Hunting cabin’) vs. Oakland (‘Chair in office’)

Minnesota: Rosie, the little cabin in the middle of 30 acres of wilderness is seems perfect for a city guy like me.

But Oakland wins. I can save $11 and sleep in an office chair.

Winner: Oakland

Kansas City (‘Walking distance to IHOP’) vs. Denver (‘Backyard camping’)

Daniel, KC almost got my pick. I love IHOP!

Denver, you win. Camping in a stranger’s backyard is one of those childhood fantasies.

Winner: Denver

New York Giants (‘Film location’) vs. New England (‘Here be Chickens’)

N.Y. came so close to winning this one. Finding a cheap place in the city is not easy, but with some persistence I found this place for $8,000 a night. I would bring my video camera and make a film for sure.

New England, you win!

Mostly because I really don’t have any idea where New England is, but I know without doubt “Chicken Be There!”

Winner: New England

Arizona (‘Pitch your tent poolside’) vs. Seattle (‘A house full of artists’)

This is was the easiest pick of all.

Sorry Seattle. A house full of artists is called an artist residency. You gotta pay me for that! Pitching tents poolside? Easy win.

Winner: Arizona

Houston (‘Shared room at medical center’) vs. Cincinnati (‘Napatorium’)

Sorry, Cinci. The single pillow looks cozy and I love napatoriums — but you lose this pick. The opportunity to share a room with a stranger at a medical center is a win-win situation.

Winner: Houston

Lee is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and earned is MFA in 2000 from California College of Arts. You can see his work at and he is represented by Kraushaar Galleries in New York. It turns out that good art can be about anything, even sports.


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