Celebrate Granny D’s life, vision

Last modified: Wednesday, January 20, 2016
To the editor:

Doris Haddock used to walk past my house in Harrisville as she trained for her cross-country walk to call for renewing American democracy by ending the corruption of big money in politics.

Doris’s walk for campaign finance reform propelled her and the issue into the national spotlight, where as “Granny D” she became an inspiration for Americans regardless of class, ethnicity, political party or region. She spoke truth to power, and she spoke in a way that brought us together, until she died at age 100.

Doris will be 106 on Jan. 24. She asked us to join her in the struggle for democracy. Let’s give her a birthday present of hope and commitment. Each of us has a unique way to work for the beloved community envisioned by Dr. King and Granny D.

The NH Rebellion, one of the organizations inspired by Granny D, will hold its “We the People Convention to Fight Big Money Politics” from noon on Feb. 5 to noon on Feb. 7.

Speakers, entertainers, presidential candidates and “we the people” will gather in a heated tent at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Manchester. Doris will be there in spirit! Perhaps you will be too.

David Blair