Our endorsement for the primary

Last modified: Wednesday, February 03, 2016
We’ve been watching, listening, reporting, and today we give you our endorsement for the two candidates who stand out as worthy of the Democratic and Republican nominations in the New Hampshire primary.

The Democratic ticket

The U.S. needs a president who can represent a wide spectrum of views, interests and needs, and find ways to cross the aisle and advance legislation.

Hillary Clinton has proven herself an experienced leader who can get things done in Washington. Since her time as first lady, she’s worked tirelessly to reform health care in the United States.

As secretary of state, she advanced American interests in economic diplomacy and human rights around the world.

Clinton’s commitment to social justice can be seen in her continued support of women and children, and her familiarity on Capitol Hill puts her ahead of many of the other candidates.

Her campaign platform has been clear and her plans detailed and realistic.

We need a leader who can find common ground and parlay that into real change. Clinton has the know-how, the statesmanship and the experience to do that. She also has the drive to make things happen.

The Republican ticket

In the Republican camp, we see Ohio Gov. John Kasich as the most qualified candidate. He is experienced, capable and has shown, especially in the last few weeks, that campaigns are made in town halls, not on debate stages.

Kasich is a seasoned politician and has steered clear of the Trump machinations that have caused other candidates to lose their cool. He knows that’s not how he’s going to win voters, especially not the ones in New Hampshire.

When every other candidate was in Iowa, he was here. He has visited the state more than any other Republican candidate. He packs up his running debt clock and his blue fleece jacket and goes from town hall to town hall, talking to people. He doesn’t bloviate or orchestrate; he talks, and he listens. And his throwback style certainly plays well here — seven out of the state’s eight biggest newspapers have endorsed him.

And with good reason. As a moderate conservative, he strikes an inclusive tone on hot-button issues like immigration and same-sex marriage. As a former legislator, he’s balanced budgets and clearly knows his way around Washington. But it is Kasich’s folksy, decidedly not-made-for-TV persona that has kept New Hampshire voters on his side.