Corruption in 
pipeline process

Last modified: 2/8/2016 6:03:07 PM
To the editor:

I am appalled to learn that Susan Chamberlain, the N.H. Public Utilities Commission consumer advocate, did not have her appointment renewed, even though she had applied to serve once more. It is clear she was not renewed because she advised against the Liberty Utilities plan to purchase gas from the proposed pipeline because Liberty had not met its burden of proof that a need for the gas exists. A Gov. Hassan henchwoman, Claire Monier, denied this was the reason for the non-renewal but this is just more government lies from a governor who has taken money from Richard Kinder.

Heroic Dana Pinney from Fitzwilliam has filed a “Right to Know” petition to examine the data file behind the non-renewal decision. I suspect this will be a futile effort and that Hassan and Monier will hide behind privacy issue claims.

In the meantime Gov. Hassan has nominated attorney Donald Kreis to fill the vacancy. Remarkably this fellow is from Vermont! Evidently Gov. Hassan could not think of any New Hampshire resident who might be qualified. Attorney Kreis will be safe and sound in his Vermont home while our Monadnock region life and environment are jeopardized by greedy Kinder Morgan and their “on the take” governor.

We are getting closer and closer to confrontation.

Marc Rubin



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