Monadnock At Home looks for volunteers and new members

Last modified: Monday, March 14, 2016
Monadnock at Home volunteers gathered together recently to celebrate making a difference in MaH members lives and discuss more ways to impact seniors lives positively.

MaH volunteers provide the practical support many residents need to feel safe and confident in their homes, and to assure their families that they are still doing well at home.

Cindy Bowen, MaH executive director, says volunteers, service providers, area businesses and partners make an impact on MaH members. “We help facilitate a community of helpers,” explains Bowen.

“Volunteers help our members with computer and other electronic problems, handyman household needs, grocery delivery, yard work and more. For $50 per month our members are one phone call away from solutions to just about any challenge they might have. We help schedule rides, grocery delivery, pre-screened and often discounted services with local plumbers, contractors, electricians and more. Even discounts at several restaurants and entertainment venues. We also organize informative programs, outings and coffee gatherings at local establishments. As much as the services are needed, our members tell us that getting together with each other has been the most important thing to them.”

MaH welcomes additional members and volunteers, especially servicing the Peterborough, Hancock and Dublin areas. For more information, call 371-0809 or visit www.monadnockathome.org.