EDA hopes to keep downtown hopping

  • Corrine Chronopoulos called for volunteers to head events meant to be a downtown draw during the closure of the Main Street bridge during a Economic Development Authority meeting on Wednesday. Staff photo by Ashley Saari

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Friday, June 29, 2018 12:3PM

As 2019 and the replacement of the Main Street Bridge comes closer, the Peterborough Economic Development Committee is brainstorming ways to keep the downtown alive while one of its main entrances is blocked.

Corinne Chronopoulos, a member of the EDA and director of the Peterborough Library, said during an EDA meeting Wednesday that the events committee, a sub-committee of the EDA, have been meeting and brainstorming several events to happen throughout the year the bridge is planned to be closed. 

The sub-committee has surveyed about 60 people in the downtown, said Chronopoulos, and their responses continue to reflect many of the concerns the EDA has been hearing since the announcement of the bridge construction project.

Mainly, Chronopoulos said, they are concerned that the cut off from Route 101 traffic will not only deter out-of-towners, but locals who may change their habits, leaving a dent in local businesses that could last beyond the bridge’s construction period. 

In order to combat that, she said, the committee hopes to create individual draws to keep the traffic coming downtown. 

“We have brainstormed 12 events, and now we need sub-committees to run each event,” said Chronopoulos.

The events will be designed to drive shopping, said Chronopoulos, and the committee is looking particularly for business owners to be involved. 

For more information on volunteering with the EDA sub-committee, contact the Peterborough town office at 924-8000.


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