Candidate Profiles: Antrim

  • Antrim Town Offices Staff Photo by Meghan Pierce

Friday, March 08, 2019 8:58AM
Select Board

(one three-year seat)

Robert L Edwards*

Age: 74

Years living in town: 49

Previous elected office held: Trustee of Trust Funds-28 years

Other qualifications: Retired Banker-Peoples United Bank: 42 years, Former Planning Board Chair and member-Antrim

What are two issues you think are important and how would you address them?:

My purpose for seeking a second term is so we can continue to work together to determine how best to address the 21st Century challenges of municipal management. They include how best to manage the fiscal affairs of our Town, understand federal and state legislation that will continue to impact our Town’s financial position and to contribute our ideas and participation in the School District’s fiscal and budgeting process.

During my first term I was fortunate to be able to serve on the NH Assessing Standards Board (ASB) Subcommittee that developed advisory assessing guidelines relevant to PUC regulated NH Utilities such as PSNH and Unitil to help standardize how assessments will be determined in the future in the spirit of mutual fairness and to help avoid long and expensive litigation. Our suggestions, although modified by the Commission, have worked their way into House Bill 700. If passed, the results will impact Antrim’s future revenues.

Planning Board

(two three-year seats)

John Anderson

(did not respond to request for profile)

William K. Fluhr

(did not respond to request for profile)

Mark D. Murdough

Age: 43

Years living in town: 13

Previous elected office held: none

Other qualifications: BS Criminal Justice, civilian experience with both State and Local police drug education programs.17 years project management and problem resolution for a large financial institution. Eagerness to become more involved with the community. Already involved with Avenue A, VR and Teen Game Club shared facilitation. Antrim 2020, Small Business initiative. Home and Harvest VR and Nerf Competition partnership.

What are two issues you think are important and how would you address them?

Antrim has a tremendous amount of untapped talent that is unable to flourish as it should, both small business and recreational. I hope that participating in our town’s Planning Board will allow me to help shape an environment that is conducive to growth and economic vitality, but maintain the historic roots of the town. I would like to learn more about potential partnerships with current property owners and how we as a community could work together to achieve a shared goal.

Our town needs to become a destination, not just a throughway between towns. Working together for Issue 1 would hopefully set the groundwork in motion for us to bring back more businesses to the Main Street segment of town and retain long term. We have townwide fiber optics and two cell towers underway to create a more viable technical infrastructure, but we need to look at viability of physical business spaces. I would like to pursue and apply other successful town plans used to revitalize their Main Street and make it an enticing stop along the way.

Planning Board

(one two-year seat)

Jeff Wilson

(did not respond to request for profile)

Neal Pattison

Age: 41

Years living in town: 7

Previous elected office held: MAFPA board member

Other qualifications: my technical and managerial background gives me an eye for details and a critical sense to help make sure we don’t miss the small details that can hurt.

What are two issues you think are important and how would you address them?

I believe there are many issues that the people of Antrim would like to see be developed. As part of the Antrim 2020 project we saw many great ideas that just didn’t have the steam to continue I would like to leverage that experience in helping develop the new Master Plan for the town and ensure we create a place that is more inviting and a place for new and existing businesses and families to prosper. Yet maintaining that small New England community feel that we love.