Thursday, April 13, 2017 7:24AM
Cecilia Ensemble auditions ongoing

The Cecilia Ensemble is the high school age section of the Grand Monadnock Youth Choirs, directed by Maria Belva. They meet for one and one half hours on Monday afternoons throughout the school year. The repertoire comes from the finest written for women’s voices and includes sacred and secular; medieval to modern; classical, folk, gospel, and non-traditional modern tunes. They sing mostly a cappella 3 and 4 part songs.

The group has performed in many local venues in New Hampshire and traveled on a concert tour of Italy in 2003. Since then, the Cecilia Ensemble has traveled to Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Catalonia, Sicily, Austria, Hungary and France

Auditions are taking place now during the month of April for the next touring season. The group will be performing in Prague. Visit our website: www.grandmonadnockyouthchoirs.org for more information about the choir.

To set up an audition time, please contact Maria Belva. Belva may be reached by email mariabelva@gmail.com or telephone 924-2055.