Letter: Compassion through respectful communication

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 12:19AM
Compassion through respectful communication

To the editor,

I disagree with Rick Sirvint’s premise that diversity is not important as noted in his column in the Aug. 15 edition of the Ledger titled “Some musing on race in America.”

I believe that diversity increases the likelihood of communication between people who have different views, outlooks, and expectations than one another. If Mr. Sirvint would make an effort to engage in a conversation with someone from an ethnic group, race, or religion, that is different from those in his all white book group, he will likely find that they will have dissimilar views on life than those in his book group.

We live in a world with a multitude of people, races, religions and cultures. It is my belief that respectful communication between people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences is essential to foster understanding, empathy and compassion.

Communication is the only way to diminish violence, mistrust, and fear. Diversity will provide more opportunities for social and political discourse between people of different beliefs and life experiences.

James Guy