Dublin decreases budget, finalizes warrant

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Published: 2/17/2021 5:15:59 PM

Dublin finalized its budget and warrant on Feb. 9, including scheduling an outdoor, drive-in Town Meeting for May 1. Voters will decide on repairing or upgrading transfer station structures, adopting Rotary Park, and buying new plaques commemorating Vietnam and Korean War vets.

The budget is set for $2,083,412, which constitutes a 3.1 percent decrease from last year’s $2,150,373, the amount that was finalized after warrant articles were edited during Town Meeting.

“It’s as solid a plan as we have now,” moderator Tim Clark said of using Cricket Hill Farm, also known as the Antique Engine Field, at 1716 Main Street in Dublin as the Town Meeting location, with the ConVal High School parking lot as a backup location.

The meeting is expected to be conducted drive-in style, Town Administrator Kate Fuller said. Attendees will stay in their cars and listen to the procedures on the radio, and runners will bring microphones to them if they want to talk, she said.  

Clark had proposed conducting the meeting at ConVal first, but a resident objected to having the meeting out of town. That’s not a legal problem, Clark said, but the Select Board makes the final decisions this year per COVID-19 emergency orders. “If we have a really wet spring, it could be mucky,” he said, “or it could be attended by a great number of black flies.” Given “astoundingly low” turnout at school district deliberative sessions statewide, Clark said he didn’t know what to expect for attendance this year.

Dublin’s budget and warrant were finalized on Tuesday, Feb. 9, with minimal debate, Fuller said.
Article 1 asks voters to vote in new town officials.

Article 2 asks voters to pass the general operating budget of $2,083,412.

Article 3 asks voters to spend $205,000 to fortify the following town capital reserve funds: $20,000 to Heavy Highway equipment, $10,000 to Police Cruiser, $30,000 to Fire Equipment, $90,000 to Road Construction, $15,000 to Bridge Repair/Replacement, $40,000 to Town Buildings Maintenance.

Article 4 is a petition article that asks voters to adopt SB2-style voting, meaning voters can vote on all issues before the town on the second Tuesday of March.

Article 5 asks voters to repair the ramp and railing at the Post Office by spending $15,000 from the Town Buildings Maintenance capital reserve fund.

Article 6 asks voters to establish an Accrual Expendable Trust to fund vacation pay that employees had accrued when they stop working for the town, and put $10,000 towards it.

Article 7 asks voters to spend $5,250 to partially survey Rotary Park, and take on its stewardship and maintenance.

Article 8 asks voters to spend $3,600 to fund the Dublin Advocate for the next year.

Article 9 asks voters to spend $7,890 on the following nonprofits servicing the town: $500 to Big Brothers Big Sisters, $500 to CASA, $500 to Southwestern Community Services, $1,996 to Monadnock Family Services, $1,690 to Home Healthcare, $500 to The River Center, $500 to Community Volunteer Transportation Company, $500 to Monadnock Region Child Advocacy Center, $500 to Keene community Kitchen, $204 to MCVP Crisis Prevention Center, and $500 to Hundred Nights.

Article 10 is a petition article that asks voters to spend $5,000 to support the Dublin Community Center’s mission.

Article 11 asks voters to spend $28,284 on the following expendable trust funds: $6,400 to Revaluation, $1,000 to Master Plan, and $20,884 to Town Buildings Repair.

Article 12 asks voters to transfer the $2,450 raised from selling cemetery plots from the unassigned fund balance to the Cemetery Trust Fund.

Article 13 asks voters to spend $17,270 on plaques honoring Dublin veterans of the Korean war and the Vietnam Conflict, and to clean the two existing veterans plaques at Town Hall. The price of lettering and mounting two plaques is $16,270. The extra $1000 is for cleaning and any other surprise costs, Fuller said.

Article 14 asks voters to spend $9,874 from the Fire Equipment capital reserve fund to buy seven replacement Automated External Defibrillators.

Article 15 asks voters to spend $24,000 from the Library Major Repair and Maintenance capital reserve fund  to conduct ground water mitigation at the library.

Article 16 asks voters to spend $74,609 from the Road Construction capital reserve fund to chip seal town roads. Old Harrisville Road is the next in line for repair.

Article 17 asks voters to spend $1750 of the Recycling special revenue fund to fix the swap shop roof.

Article 18 is a petition article that asks voters to spend $110,000 from the Recycling special revenue fund to construct a new recycling building at the transfer station.

Article 19 asks voters to spend $20,000 from the Recycling special revenue fund to buy and replace four recycling storage units at the   transfer station. The article is contingent on Article 17 failing.

Article 20 asks voters to hear the reports of any chosen agents, auditors, or committees and pass any related votes.

The Select Board and  Budget Committee recommend Articles 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11-17, and 19. The Budget Committee does not recommend Articles 7 and 9, but the Select Board does.

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