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Published: 12-04-2023 11:23 AM

Modified: 12-08-2023 10:44 AM

The following is from a communication being sent to ConVal School District residents prior to a community forum on reconfiguration Monday, Dec. 11, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Lucy Hurlin Theater at ConVal High School.

The ConVal School Board, Prismatic Services and administration will provide a presentation on the consolidation/reconfiguration report, which the entire ConVal community will have had an opportunity to read since Tuesday, Dec. 5, on the district website,, on Monday, Dec. 11, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Lucy Hurlin Theater at ConVal High School and via live stream. We have a question-and-answer period set aside where we welcome questions from our in-house and online audiences, and all can discuss, share knowledge and talk to each other about this most important topic.

Why do we needa community forum?

School board meetings, being business meetings, provide a limited venue for the ConVal School Board and administration to engage with our community.

We believe in being open and transparent in all of our activities. We believe in providing a venue where the ConVal community is engaged and informed and all can discuss, share knowledge and talk to each other about this most important topic.

A community forum is the best mechanism to achieve these goals.

How do I attendthe community forum?

We are providing two ways for the public to attend the community forum. You can come to the Lucy Hurlin Theater at ConVal high school to attend in person or you can attend the forum via a live stream feed from the forum.

How is the communityforum organized?

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This community forum will focus on a presentation from Prismatic Services President Tatia Prieto, dealing with all aspects of the report and recommendation they were contracted to produce concluding their community-involved research on consolidation/reconfiguration.

After the presentation, there will be an opportunity for both the in-house and online community audiences to ask questions. Each question will be answered by either Prieto, ConVal Superintendent Kimberly Rizzo-Saunders or a member of the school board.

How are questions presented?

After the presentation, we will accept questions from both our in-house and online audiences on the presentation and on the topic in general.

We will alternate between both audiences to give both the opportunity to engage with us. In-house audience folks will be provided with a microphone and lectern (if wanted) to ask their questions.

Online audience folks will submit their questions via email to our forum email address. We will select questions in received order to have read.

How do I attend remotelyvia live stream and how doI submit questions?

The live stream will be done as a YouTube event. This means that the community forum will be recorded as a video on YouTube so that not only can it be viewed as it is taking place but it can be viewed at any time after the community forum is completed as it will always be on YouTube servers. To view this forum via live stream, go to, then select the “2023 consolidation/reconfiguration” video from the list of available videos.

To send in a question via email, please use the following email address –

Why should I attendthe ConVal community forum?

It is your money, your school district, the education of your children.

It is your community, and this is the most-important topic to be dealt with. Be involved. Make a difference.

How do I get information aboutthe report prior to the forum?

A copy of the report will be online for the community to read in two different formats – the entire report in one file or broken down into separate files for the table of contents, report index, executive summary, chapters and indexes.

This was done for ease of reading and depending on your available time and depth of information wanted. This report is quite large and in lots of needed detail, so these two formats should fit how you want to get information.

You will have time to formulate your questions and send them in advance of the forum, if you desire. To send in a question via email please use

What is being presented?

There will be one presentation. It will be on the produced report. Remember the board has not voted on the acceptance of the report or recommendation made.

That will be done on Dec. 13 at a special School Board meeting.


■ Opening remarks: Alan Edelkind, vice chair ConVal School Board, ConVal project lead, 7:30 to 7:40 p.m.

■ Presentation of Prismatic report: Tatia Prieto, president of Prismatic Services, 7:40 to 8:20 p.m.

■ Questions and answers: ConVal Superintendent Kimberly Rizzo-Saunders and Prieto, 8:20 to 8:55 p.m.

■ Closing remarks: ConVal School Board Chair Richard Dunning, 8:55 to 9 p.m.

We, your ConVal School Board and administration, are proud of the work that has taken place to provide our community with the most-comprehensive information addressing this most-important project. We thank all that have taken their time to participate.

Alan Edelkind is the ConVal School Board representative from Dublin and chair of ConVal’s Strategic Organization Committee.