Fairbanks Road goes public

  • New Ipswich’s Fairbanks Road. MAPS4NEWS

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 6:35PM

After a short public hearing the New Ipswich Select Board accepted Fairbanks Road as a Class V roadway. 

There were several residents of Fairbanks Road present when the board held a public hearing on the issue on Tuesday, but none of them offered any input when the board asked the audience for opinion, according to a recording of Tuesday’s meeting.

Select Board Chair David Lage informed the crowd that the board had received a petition from the residence on Fairbanks Road asking for the town to accept the road. 

The board voted unanimously to accept the road as Class V, which means that the road would no longer be maintained privately, but be under the purview of the town, which would plow and repair the road as needed.

As a Class V road, the town has the ability to regulate speed limit and street parking, there may be additional development opportunities, and state highway aid for the maintenance of the road may be accepted by the town, where aid is not given for private or Class VI roads. 

Earl Somero, a resident of Fairbanks Road, did not speak prior to the board making a decision, but after the road was accepted, thanked them for the decision, and offered to guide town trucks through the area in their first official pass through the road.