False name leads to real arrest

Stepbrother gave police wrong name

  • Tyler Bradford — Courtesy of Deborah Roy

  • Brian Roy — Courtesy of Deborah Roy

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Monday, June 13, 2016 8:48PM
TimelineFeb. 12: Brian Roy is arrested in Goffstown for shoplifting, drug possession and resisting arrest, and identifies himself as “Tyler Bradford.”May 20: After he failed to appear in court, Bradford is indicted for felony possession of a controlled dr

Tyler Bradford was arrested in Milford on Memorial Day on a warrant that was never meant for him.

A warrant was issued for Bradford’s arrest after he supposedly failed to appear in court for a heroin possession charge out of Goffstown. But when he appeared in court the day after the Milford arrest, police admitted they had the wrong guy.

Bradford, 22, of Dublin, had already gone through the indictment process before police were informed that they had actually arrested Brian Roy, Bradford’s stepbrother.

“I think it’s crazy that there’s no way of checking the record,” Bradford said.

According to Goffstown police, Roy was caught shoplifting on February 12 and found to be in possession of heroin.

When he was arrested, he gave Bradford’s name. Because they are related, Roy was able to give accurate personal information about Bradford, including his address, his date of birth, and even his Social Security number.

“We had no reason to disbelieve who he said he was,” said Sgt. Kevin Laroche of the Goffstown Police Department.

Roy was released on bail and given a court date in March, for which he failed to appear. An electric bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

On May 30, the real Tyler Bradford was in Milford with his father when they were involved in a traffic stop on Route 101. When the officer ran his name through the system, Bradford was arrested on the warrant.

He was released on $540 bail, which has not yet been reimbursed.

Milford police Sgt. Andrew Fowle said the incident was “nothing serious,” and that he hadn’t heard of the incident before the Ledger-Transcript asked for details.

Bradford, who is in the process of looking for a job, is afraid that the slow process of correcting the identification error will harm his reputation.

“I think if someone ran a background check, I’d still have to explain it,” he said.

LaRoche said all of the charges against Bradford have been dropped and transferred to Roy, who already had warrants out for him. Unfortunately, this drug possession charge does not seem out of character to LaRoche.

“It’s one of those classic, sad cases of addiction,” he said.

Bradford is still confused about how this could have gone so far, with his being indicted on felony charges on May 20.

He said that both he and Roy have dealt with police before, and that they should have been able to confirm his identity based on fingerprints. LaRoche said photographs of the two cleared the issue.

The county attorney’s office has not confirmed that the indictment has been transferred to Roy.

“I think it’s had a big effect on my mom,” said Bradford.

His mother, Deborah Roy, bailed him out in Milford and took a day off from work to bring him to Goffstown Police.

LaRoche “said they take [the perpetrator’s] word for it,” she said of the false identity.

As for Brian Roy, he remains wanted on the original warrant.

“Brian Roy is in the wind, so warrants are still out for him,” LaRoche said.

“He’s in Manchester and we don’t really know what’s going on,” Deborah Roy, his stepmother, said.”

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