Letter: Federal government should run like business

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 8:35PM
Federal government should run like business

To the editor:

Federal spending on health care keeps rising and both parties agree that something must be done to control costs. But here is something I don't understand: a huge amount of money could be saved if the federal government were allowed to operate like a business and negotiate drug costs for Medicare. The Republicans should be demanding this obvious application of the free market economics they profess to love. The Democrats should be demanding this obvious application of saving money so that Medicare stays solvent. What's not to love?

Every other industrialized nation negotiates drug prices and realizes significant cost savings (think cheap drugs in Canada). Right now, individual insurers negotiate with drug companies but the process is impossibly opaque and fragmented. Having the government negotiate would simplify the process and bring it into the open as it would be subject to Congressional and voter scrutiny.

President Trump made a campaign promise and then quickly reneged after meeting with big Pharma reps. Why did he change his mind? Why aren't Democrats holding his feet to the fire? Why haven't voters held his feet to the fire? Why isn't negotiating drug prices a central piece of the Republican plan?

I am highly suspicious that this is evidence of the corrosive effect of big money in politics. Legislators are not legislating in the best interests of America - they are primarily focused on the next election and the big donors, like big Pharma, who will fill their re-election coffers.  Ask Senators Hassan and Shaheen and Congresswoman Kuster about their stance on the issue.  Then think about a donation to NH Rebellion.

Tricia Saenger