Fire department wants new command vehicle

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 6:35PM

The cost of repairs for the Fire Department command vehicle outweigh its value, the Select Board determined Tuesday.

“You have my opinion: I wouldn’t put a nickel into it,” said Selectman Jay Hopkins.

Fire Chief Meredith Lund told the board that the department’s current vehicle, which is 12 years old Tahoe, needs repairs estimated at $6,211. At least $2,500 of that are considered repairs needed to get the vehicle to pass inspection.

While fixing it remains an option, Lund said that she didn’t believe the vehicle was worth putting that amount of money into. She suggested another option: Using a former police cruiser once the department was ready replace one. The department has done this at least one in the past, said Lund.

Since the current command vehicle has been out of commission, she and her officers have been compensating firefighters for putting mileage on their personal vehicles, she said. 

The board agreed not to use any funds to repair the vehicle, but did not make an official decision on whether to sell the vehicle or where its replacement might come from until they had additional information from the Police Department. 

In other Fire Department news, the Select Board confirmed a plan to move to amend the town’s budget to include $10,000 in the highway budget for a dry hydrant maintenance program.

Lund informed the board that the department has gone through the town’s hydrants and marked 11 of the most-used, four of which are currently in need of repair or maintenance. 


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