Good time to support scholarship foundation

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 11:24AM
Time to support Dollars for Scholars

To the editor,

The report published recently in this newspaper of the $11,850 or more contribution to the ConVal Community Dollars for Scholars fund by the 100+ Women Who Care was great news happily received by all. This was especially true for members of our Dollars for Scholars organization and for prospective recipients of scholarships to be given in June 2018 which it is hoped will exceed the $50,000 in total given last year to six ConVal High School graduates and was more than the $30,000 given in 2015 and the $40,000 given in 2016.

The decision to proceed with chartering the ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation was made in 2006 after discussion with many community leaders, three of whom pledged initial contributions of $20,000 with an agreement that an endowment would be established with a suitable fiduciary organization to advise on and implement investment decisions. Grove Street Fiduciary of Peterborough is the firm chosen from the outset to meet this need serving the ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation and its contributors and beneficiaries in two essential ways; prudent investment of capital and fiscal responsibility. The endowment established for our ConVal Community Scholarship Foundation enhances prospects for long-term growth and success to help ConVal graduates in decades ahead.

With the end of 2017 approaching this could be a good time to consider sending a check to CVCSF at P.O. Box 372, Peterborough, N.H., 03458.

John Vance