Greenfield police chief on leave following shooting

  • Brian Giammarino

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Monday, June 27, 2016 8:6PM

Brian Giammarino, chief of police in Greenfield, is on an indefinite leave, according to Select Board Chair Margaret Charig Bliss.

Neither town representatives nor the Attorney General’s office is confirming whether Giammarino’s leave is related to the deadly shooting in Peterborough June 21. A Greenfield cruiser was among the police presence at the scene, in addition to a state police cruiser, and a cruiser from Peterborough.

“He was involved in an incident and is taking a little time off,” Bliss said. “There is an investigation underway and until it’s resolved we have to choose our words carefully.”

Giammarino, who previously worked at Crotched Mountain and was in the Peace Corps, is also a sergeant with the Hancock police.

He is one of only three full-time officers in the Greenfield police department.

Bliss would not say whether Giammarino was on administrative leave, vacation, or another designated hiatus.

She called it “mutually agreeable time off.”

Giammarino will be paid during his leave, and there is no definite timeline for his return.

Until then, part-time Greenfield officer and Hancock police chief Andrew Wood will lead the department.

When asked if there is any relationship between this development and the Peterborough shooting, Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin said, “What they do with their personnel is up to them.”

The attorney general’s office’s investigation of the police-involved shooting is ongoing.

Investigations like this can last up to several months.

It may be until the conclusion of the investigation that it is known whether Giammarino’s status is related.

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