Greenville seeks pool repairs, new police contract at Town Meeting

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Published: 2/10/2021 4:59:40 PM

Greenville’s proposed budget is about $70,000 more than last year, and would result in about a 50 cent tax increase if approved.

The total budget is proposed at $2.3 million, while most increases in budget lines were incremental.

One of the largest increases is in the police budget, which is increasing this year from $678,703 to $705,559. The majority of the increases are in full time wages and overtime pay. Wage costs increased about $7,000, but overtime costs are expected to nearly double, from $13,000 to $23,000.

Greenville’s funding of the the Wilton Recycling Center is up this year, increased from $116,141 to $122,832 this year.

The Fire Department is also up about $15,000, attributed to an increase in firefighter pay, increased training for the department and purchase and maintenance of fire equipment.

Across the board, the town expects contributions to the state’s retirement fund for employees to increase, as well.

This year, the towns of Temple and Greenville will have to adopt an updated intermunicipal agreement to continue their partnership police services. The town’s have reached a one-year extension agreement on the partnering contract that both towns must approve.

The Police Department is also requesting the purchase of a new cruiser this year. Temple pays for 39 percent of the cost, and Greenville 61 percent, per agreement. The total cost of the cruiser is $58,000. Both towns have agreed to use $20,000 from the police detail revolving funds to pay a part of the cost, with Greenville’s share of the remaining cost being $23,180.

The town is also seeking to make repairs to the town pool, and resurface, repaint, fix cracks, install expansion joints, and do surface repairs, which is expected to cost a total of about $60,000. The funds are expected to be taken from the 2020 unexpended funds.

According to the a calculation of tax impacts done by the town, the budget is expected to impact the tax rate by about 50 cents per $1,000 of property value. While the town is asking for its usual slate of warrant articles, the budget is the only article expected to increase the tax rate when compared to last year’s requests. Two other warrant articles are actually expected to result in a penny decrease in the tax rate, resulting in an overall expected tax rate increase of 48 cents, if projected revenues remain as expected.

As has become typical for Greenville, the town is requesting two additions to its capital reserve funds, $20,000 for eventual repair or replacement of the Green Bridge, and $10,000 for public works equipment. The $10,000 request is expected to come from the 2020 unassigned fund balance.

The town is also requesting to use $40,000 for various expendable trust funds, including $15,000 for pool repair, $20,000 for fire equipment, and $5,000 for the police cruiser fund. The police cruiser funds would also be from the 2020 unspent funds.

Greenville expects to hold voting for officers and zoning amendments at the Mascenic Education Center, formerly known as the Greenville Elementary School, on March 9 at 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.

The Town Meeting portion of voting will take place at 9 a.m. on March 13 at Mascenic Regional High School in New Ipswich to vote on the remainder of the warrant. For a full list of warrant articles, visit the town website.

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