90-year-old Greenville woman checks an item off her bucket list 

  • Theresa Pelletier, of Greenville, sits in a sidecar on a recent Friday evening. She said she has wanted to ride in a sidecar for awhile.  Courtesy photo—

  • Theresa Pelletier, of Greenville, meets Douglas Macdonald, of Nashua, who gave her a ride in his sidecar on a recent Friday evening.  Courtesy photo

  • Douglas Macdonald sits on his motorcycle with a sidecar on a recent Friday evening. Macdonald volunteered to take Theresa Pelletier on a short ride in the sidecar to help her check an item off her bucket list.  Courtesy photo—

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Monday, September 04, 2017 6:24PM

At 90, Theresa Pelletier is still checking items off of her bucket list.

After Bingo on a recent Friday evening, one of Pelletier’s friends surprised her by setting her up with a ride in a sidecar.

“I have wanted to ride in a sidecar for awhile now,” Pelletier said.

Dylan Watkinson, of Greenville, said he met Pelletier at Greenville Falls Elderly Housing where they both live. He said they play Bingo on Friday nights. One time, Pelletier asked Watkinson to bring her to the American Legion for karaoke. Watkinson said not long after he, his girlfriend, and Pelletier went down so she could sing.

“She’s really cool like that,” Watkinson said about Pelletier. “She’s open to doing new things unlike some of the other people here (at Greenville Falls).”

So when Pelletier told him that riding in a sidecar was on her bucket list, it wasn’t all that out of the ordinary.

Watkinson said right around Pelletier’s 90th birthday he made a post on Facebook asking if anyone had a motorcycle and a sidecar. He said a few people responded to the post, one woman said she had one, but she was in the process of selling it. Another person told Watkinson to take Pelletier to a dealership for a test drive, but he said he doesn’t know how to drive a motorcycle. Then someone commented suggesting Watkinson contact a man named Douglas Macdonald. The person said Macdonald owns a sidecar and often rides in charity events.

The connection was made and a date to take Pelletier for a ride was set.

Macdonald drove from Nashua to meet Pelletier in Greenville one Friday night.

Pelletier said she didn’t know what was happening when she walked out of Bingo on Friday night. There was a bunch of people outside, and then Macdonald showed up with his sidecar.

“Well she seemed a little excited, she didn’t know what was going on,” Watkinson said. “I said, ‘Hey, this is your new ride.’”

Macdonald said there was a lot of fanfare at the beginning, mostly people taking pictures.

Then he handed Pelletier his wife’s helmet and goggles and once she was in the sidecar, and they sped off.

“We didn’t go very far, 10 - 15 minutes at most,” Macdonald said.

Macdonald said Pelletier was born the same year his dad was in 1927. His dad died two years ago. Macdonald said he also does charity rides frequently, he recently took a 13-year-old girl who is fighting brain cancer for a ride in his sidecar.

“It feels nice to be nice,” Macdonald said.

Macdonald said he didn’t talk to Pelletier all that much.

But at the end of the ride, Pelletier gave Macdonald a big hug and told him, ‘you made my wish come true.’

Laurette Lafreniere, Pelletier’s sister, said they grew up in Greenville. Lafreniere said her sister later worked at Warwick Mills and later at MilliporeSigma. She said she worked in the office at Warwick Mills, but wasn’t sure what Pelletier did at Millipore.

Lafreniere said her sister has always been a little adventurous, traveling to places like Hawaii with her friends when she was younger. She said Pelletier never married or had any children, so she had a little more freedom to do what she wanted.

“She never told me that,” Lafreniere, Theresa’s sister, said about riding in the sidecar.

She said when they were younger there was a man in Greenville who used to ride his motorcycle with his wife in the sidecar.

“That’s probably why she wished to go on one,” Lafreniere said.

Pelletier said riding in a sidecar has been on her list for a long time. She said, right now she doesn’t have any other items on her bucket list.

Watkinson said she hasn’t talked about skydiving … yet.

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