Letter: Edelblut should speak up about spending

Published: 02-21-2024 8:26 AM

I hope Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut is doing well and keeping up with the deliberative sessions that have taken place throughout New Hampshire. Many townspeople have requested their school district’s budget be cut just a fraction of what these over-inflated budgets are. Some districts had success; many have failed, as we did.

In our case, the Jaffrey-Rindge Cooperative District preserved their budget of $32 million, plus added an additional $89,900. Rindge has an upcoming town budget of $5.3 million for a population of approximately 6,600 residents, along with our town employees and heads of departments.

We have discussed and have even made mention of the overwhelming number of administrative positions. It would be an impact for them to put real emphasis on subjects of reading, writing and math, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems the proficiency and skill for the students are lagging behind.

Teachers try to teach the basics of what students need to carry on a successful life in absorbing the importance of studies. I realize their hands are tied. They should be aggressive with their unions, administrations and school board. In other words, it’s OK to push back against what both state and federal mandates that are not significant in major learning. Schools are probably threatened that their grants, funds and contributions will be rejected; so be it. It’s to the point that no matter how much of our tax dollars they receive, they are spending beyond.

Many taxpayers cannot afford almost 70% of local school education and 7% of state education portions, it’s literally damaging people’s lives. May I suggest Edelblut go to more school board meetings to observe what’s occurring, I believe he needs to speak up.

Roniele J. Hamilton


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