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Published: 2/12/2021 10:33:08 AM

Hancock set its 2021 warrant and budget at the end of a public hearing on Feb. 8. The Select Board opted to make only one change to the warrant, adding that the Select Board recommends Article 2, which asks if voters would accept a virtual meeting format, Town Administrator Jonathan Coyne said.

The proposed operating budget is $2,695,136. That’s a 0.2 percent increase from the 2020 budget, which was $2,687,353.

Eight residents attended the hearing in person and about 15 people attended online, Coyne said. The biggest discussion of the evening regarded establishing more capital reserve funds to buffer future budgets against high-cost items like bridge and vehicle replacements, he said. One resident wanted to proceed with a regular Town Meeting, Coyne said. The Board listened, but maintained their plans to proceed with a virtual meeting, which starts with an informational session on Saturday, Feb. 27 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and can comment during the meeting and afterward via email. The Select Board will discuss the comments and make associated adjustments at their meeting on Monday, March 1, and present the updated version of the warrant at the second hearing, on Wednesday, March 3 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., sending the finalized warrant to print immediately after the meeting. Voters will conduct a drive-up vote on the ConVal warrant, local officials, and the warrant via ballot on March 9 at Hancock Elementary School from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Article 1 asks voters to elect all necessary town officers.

Article 2 asks voters to proceed with a virtual town meeting. If it doesn’t pass, Town Meeting is effectively canceled, no warrant articles pass, and the budget defaults to the 2020 amount. Town officials still get elected.

Article 3 asks voters to spend $2,695,136 to operate the Water Department.

Article 4 asks voters to lease a new dump truck with a plow, costing up to $118,000 for a three-year lease.

Article 5 asks voters to spend up to $55,000 to buy and outfit a new police vehicle, and sell or trade in the town’s 2011 Crown Victoria and 2013 Ford Explorer. $14,000 of the article comes from the Police Special Detail Revolving Fund, $41,000 comes from taxes.

Article 6 asks voters to spend $32,000 on a full statistical revaluation of the town, as required every five years.

Article 7 asks voters to spend $11,900 to evaluate slopes and perform geotechnical engineering services on Old Dublin Road near 45 Old Dublin Road.

Article 8 asks voters to spend $15,000 towards the existing Bridge Capital Reserve Fund.

Article 9 asks voters to spend $7,000 towards the existing Meetinghouse Capital Reserve Fund

Article 10 asks voters to give $5,000 to the Grapevine Family and Community Resource Center.

Article 11 asks voters to give $1,000 to the Avenue A Teen Center.

Article 12 asks voters to give $500 to the Community Volunteer Transportation Company.

Article 13 asks voters to allow the Select Board to accept dedicated streets as town roads or “public highways” after holding a public hearing, as per RSA 674:40-a. The authority is limited to streets the Planning Board approves following subdivision, site plan, or street plats approval.

Article 14 is a petition article that asks voters to urge the New Hampshire General Court to ensure fair and effective representation of New Hampshire voters without gerrymandering when they redraw the maps of political districts using the new federal census data.

Article 15 asks voters to spend $164 from the Baseball Special Revenue Fund on baseball equipment and baseball field maintenance.

Article 16 asks voters to spend $806 from the Highway Special Revenue Fund to repair and replace town highway equipment.

Article 17 asks voters to spend $3,234 from the History Special Revenue Fund to preserve and store town archival records.

Article 18 asks voters to spend $1,987 from the Recreation Special Revenue Fund to repair and replace recreational facilities.

Article 19 asks voters to spend $8,258 from the Police Special Revenue Fund to repair and replace police equipment.

Article 20 asks voters to accept 2020 town reports.

Article 21 asks voters to transact any other business legally coming before the meeting.

The Select Board and Budget Advisory Committee recommends articles two through 13, and 15 through 19.

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