Setting the perfect scene at Hobbs Jewelers in Peterborough

  • Marjorie Hobbs perfects the beach scene window.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • Marjorie Hobbs at the front desk of Hobbs Jewelers. Her late husband Paul Hobbs’ photo is on the left.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • Two women bask in the sun among the shells and pearls.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • Items at Hobbs Jewelers.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • Marjorie Hobbs’ newest prop, an eagle atop an American flag.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • The wedding-themed window to the left of the store’s entrance.  STAFF PHOTOS BY ORIANA CAMARA

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Published: 7/25/2023 9:00:28 AM

On the left and right hand sides of the entrance to Hobbs Jewelers at 20 Depot Square in Peterborough are two window displays.

Throughout the year, the displays evolve into various little worlds of their own, shifting in scenery and theme as the seasons and months go by. The woman behind the displays is Marjorie Hobbs, who for 59 years has carefully curated and designed the eye-catching window displays of the family-owned business. 

Marjorie and Paul Hobbs brought Hobbs Jewelers to Peterborough in 1964. Both wore a plethora of different hats. Marjorie handled the bookkeeping, designed the display cases and, “I did what needed to be done.” Her husband, Paul, focused on jewelry repairs, hand- and machine-engraving and fixing watches. Despite Marjorie being retired for more than 20 years as both the primary owner of the jewelry store and longtime school nurse, she continues to participate in and contribute to the store. 

“February is Valentine’s Day- and Mardi Gras-themed. In March comes St. Patrick’s Day, and then of course there’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation,” Marjorie casually said.

“No matter where she goes, she’s shopping for a new prop,” Marjorie’s daughter Jacquie Hobbs said.

A rotating globe appeared in June’s graduation-themed window.

“Students who just graduated have the whole world to explore!” Marjorie said.

The newest prop Marjorie acquired was from a thrift store in Jaffrey. It’s an eagle perched on the American flag. It will likely appear in next year’s Independence Day window, but it also might not. Marjorie’s windows are not the same each year, and just because she has a prop that matches the month’s theme does not mean it will be used.

“I see what looks and feels right when I’m designing the window,” she said. 

The jewelry and props work in tandem to create the little worlds of the two windows. The newest beach-themed window has water- and ocean-inspired jewelry to enhance the coastal scene.

“If people see a nice window, I think they’re more interested in stepping into the store,” Marjorie said. “I see a lot of jewelers put items in their windows seemingly without much thought. A nice display is inviting.”

She applauded their business neighbor Dogs on Depot Square, a store that often has enticing window displays. Hobbs Jewelers’ team often looks into their visitors’ stories, helping them search for the perfect item, whether it be for a loved one or for themselves. 

When the time comes for Marjorie to set a new scene, she carefully stores each prop away for next year.

“Some people like painting or writing. This is my thing that I like to do. It’s my artistic side coming out,” she said.

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