Homestead Property Watch will keep an eye on things when you’re away

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Published: 6/22/2021 12:02:01 PM

Norway Hill Home Inspection has expanded its reach and it goes beyond just checking over a prospective home prior to the purchase of a property.

HomeStead Property Watch and Management Services will allow homeowners to go on vacation or travel south for the winter and give them the peace of mind that their property is safe. It is the latest venture for Kurt Grassett of Hancock, who founded and owns Norway Hill Home Inspection Services. He has brought on Scott Lester, the recently retired Antrim Police Chief, to run and grow the operation.

The services offered through HomeStead Property Watch are wide-ranging. It can be as simple as checking on a home while a family is away on a trip or for a professional who travels for business to ensure everything is in order for the time they are gone. Depending on the request of the property owner, it could be as little as walking around the outside of the home to check for any signs of forced entry to an interior check for water leaks and system failures.

“They can point out certain areas they want specific attention paid to,” Lester said. “And especially things that can’t be seen.”

Lester said upon the inspection, a report is filled out and electronically sent to the homeowner complete with pictures before he even leaves the property. If something is amiss, Lester said he will help facilitate a contractor or company to get into the property. And if it’s something minor “I can take care of it,” he said.

He said they will check swimming pools or start cars and be there to respond to a burglar alarm or meet with those renting the property through a service like Airbnb.

Lester said the service is geared toward second homes and ones not lived in year-round, but it can really be for anybody who wants a second set of eyes on their home.

“So when they’re not home, they have somebody to watch their house,” he said.

He said ideally the service would consist of weekly checks “because anything that does happen doesn’t go unchecked for too long.” But it could be done twice a week or daily.

“It depends on the resident and what they’re looking for,” Lester said.

He said the home checks will typically run 45 minutes to an hour because “I want to be thorough and check everything,” Lester said.

Lester said the service isn’t just for those on vacation or away for business. He said they will even meet with contractors while people are at work.

So far most of the customers reside in Hillsborough and Cheshire counties Lester said, but the idea is to expand the reach as the word gets out.

Lester said he has known Grassett for a long time and the idea first came up before COVID-19. It got put on the back burner for a while, as more people were staying home, but this spring they began to lay the groundwork so it could be up and running for the summer vacation season and as people start to think about their property’s care as winter approaches.

And it goes hand in hand with the home inspection side of the business, as people purchasing properties might be in need of someone to keep an eye on things when they’re not around.

Lester said they will help with winterizing seasonal properties and reopening them for the spring and summer.

He said he enjoyed his years with the Antrim Police Department, but it was time to do something different and this was a chance that provided a perfect transition.

“Antrim was great to me and I loved working there,” Lester said. “So it really had to be something I had an interest in. This is a way I still get to help people. It was a perfect opportunity and the right time.”

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