Letter: Support local farms

Published: 11/22/2022 11:26:17 AM
Modified: 11/22/2022 11:26:06 AM

Another farm here in the Monadnock region just went out of business. I’ve heard through the grapevine that another one lost access to the land they farmed. A third plans to cut production by 70 percent next year.

If the New England Feeding New England Project (nefoodsystemplanners.org) is to succeed, then we must develop more ways of producing the food we consume; growth through attrition is not the answer. Some of these farms went out because they weren’t profitable enough. The amount one farms yield is a moot point, as I have seen both small and larger farms bite the dust over the last 13 years.

Agrochemical companies have methodically centered the public conversation around yields instead of profits, which mostly just serves them by allowing them to line their pockets with the farmers’ money. Yield is just one metric in farming. Environmental health, how workers and animals are treated and most of all profitability are just as if not more important measurements one must consider when accessing a farm’s overall success.

I would argue that the more-profitable a farm is per acre, not how much they produce, is a better indicator of whether or not that farm has a good chance of staying in business. Please do as much as you can to support local farms, thank you.

Gene Jonas 



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