Letter: Let’s all be responsible in 2022

Published: 12/30/2021 9:11:58 AM
Modified: 12/30/2021 9:11:31 AM

As you proceed into 2022, please consider the possible fallout from your actions with respect to COVID.

Each risk you take could, and with Omicron on the loose probably will, result in someone getting sick, whether it’s you, someone you care about or someone you don’t know at all. 

You may think that since the vast majority of people experience mild to no symptoms, it’s not important to take steps to reduce the spread of the virus. If the infection rate weren’t so high virtually all over the country, your actions in the grand scheme of things may not matter.

You should not want people to end up in the hospital and take up space you might need. You do not want to be in the back of an ambulance having a heart attack and looking for a hospital to take you in and a doctor to treat you. You don’t want to be taking up a bed because you have a mostly preventable disease against which you failed to take precautions.

What about the doctors and nurses who have been treating people for almost two years – working extra shifts, putting themselves in harm’s way? They are exhausted.  They are not able to recharge their batteries because their coworkers are falling ill, or have quit from the stress, or because the hospital is bursting with patients. They are working through the holidays that you are spending unmasked, unvaccinated, in groups, at entertainment events, because you are sick of the confinement of COVID.  

So in 2022, make your resolution to be personally responsible. Do you need to go to that party?  Do you need to leave that mask behind? Do you need to put off getting that vaccine or booster? Your risk assessment matters.

Kathy Chapman



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