Letter: Why does town need another plan?

Published: 5/5/2022 10:00:48 AM
Modified: 5/5/2022 9:59:17 AM

I just finished reading Bill Taylor's editorial (“Town: Bond is needed for fire station,” April 28), and it is a prime example of how out of touch people are with reality. 

The members of the Peterborough Fire Department are not volunteers. They are paid on-call. The department has operated this way for most of its existence, since it was organized in 1856. The conditions under which they work are not that bad. Compare them to the conditions in Swanzey. The lack of reasonable care and planning and maintenance have caused these perceived unsafe conditions. 

A certain amount of time, money and planning had to be undertaken to get to the point of presenting a design and price for the proposed facility. Had it not been for a combination of errors, this project would have proceeded. If the project had been reasonably priced, it would have not drawn any attention, as well as been funded. If the financial condition of the town was better, the project could have been funded. Neither is good, and shows that leadership and management must change.

The proposed $2 million bond only exaggerates the problem. You are digging a hole. If you already had a plan, why do you need to fund a second one? That $2 million sounds excessive, as it should represent a third or a quarter of the cost of a reasonable facility. This looks like paying for something twice.

The good news is, by default, (poor management), you are being asked to bond a smaller amount of money. The bad news, by default (poor management), no new facility this year. The worse news, by default, hopefully better management will present the project next year in a better manner for approval.

Larry Kemp



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