Letter: A divided America

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:17AM
A divided America

To the editor,

What is so troubling about the current political climate is that we do not seem to share the same values. We also seem to have lost confidence in the rightness of our way of life. Identity politics has been very destructive. We are no longer Americans working on the problems that harm us all, we are Them and Us.

Them holds Us in thinly veiled contempt, and Us responds in kind. The gap between rich and poor has widened and the children of the poor receive the worst education while the children of the wealthy have the best educational opportunities ensuring the status quo remains right where it is.

Oregon was a magnet for the sixties radicals and they have taught their children well. Oregon has formulated a new bill providing free abortion through the ninth month for any woman who wants it. I’m sure they have already worked out how they’ll deal with babies that are viable. Free abortion will be funded by the tax payers. I guess those who have a problem with this could move.

Oregon has sanctuary cities that provide a safe haven for people in this country illegally like the guy who attacked the two women and was found to have been deported 20 times. We don’t need secure borders and rational immigration laws, just get some pepper spray. It’s cheaper than building walls. I feel I’m trapped in a modern-day Tower of Babel.

I don’t understand the thinking process that finds this is ok, and I’m sure those who support this have no idea what I am talking about. We are a nation of civil liberties unless, of course, a person is a member of antifa. Those are the thugs who dress in black and used clubs to bash in college windows and attack people whose views they find objectionable . They were out in full force in Charlottesville beating people with sticks but the Civil Rights Commission only condemned the Ultra Right. Apparently civil liberties do not apply to people whose views we find odious.

I certainly don’t approve of the ideas of white supremacists and neo-Nazis, but they make up the right’s lunatic fringe and are very small in number. I am more frightened by the lunatic fringe on the left who wear masks, are much large in numbers and who aren’t really a concern for groups that support civil liberties. Then there is the odd penchant to hold figures of the past to the standards of the 21st century and expect them to meet these standards that we are able to except, maybe the Pope. Slavery was wrong, but Washington and Jefferson had slaves and they were great men, but products of their place in history. Abraham Lincoln said by opposing slavery didn’t mean that Negros and whites were equal. Boy, that would set the thought polices’ teeth on edge.

Christopher Columbus was a smart, gutsy man, but his explorations opened the gates to the wide-spread exploitation of native peoples. Anyone who has done their research would also know that the peoples of South America held bloody, human sacrifices and the Jiravo were famous for their headhunting ability. Leif Erickson made it to the new world first, but he and his men were hunted down and killed by the locals. This doesn’t exonerate European exploitation, but we share a common humanity and that includes our inhumanity. When Benjamin Franklin was asked after the revolution what we had he said you have a republic if you can keep it. I’m not overly optimistic that we can keep it.

Diana Starr Daniels