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Published: 12/22/2016 7:11:16 AM
Antrim residentsshould make thefinal decision

To the editor:

​The New Hampshire Community Rights Network was established as communities within New Hampshire enacted local rights-based laws to elevate their rights over corporate claimed “rights” and protect themselves from harmful corporate projects. NHCRN was founded to educate and empower communities and elected officials about our individual and collective right to local self-governance in order to secure and protect the inherent and unalienable rights of all inhabitants of New Hampshire to economic, social and environmental justice, including the rights of nature.

NHCRN believes that sustainable environmental and economic development can be achieved only when the people affected by governing decisions are the ones who make such decisions. When for-profit corporations, such as Eolian Renewable Energy LLC and Walden Green Energy LLC, through Antrim Wind LLC, force projects into communities against the will of the people who are impacted, they are violating the rights of the people to collectively decide what happens where they live.

Eolian Renewable Energy and Walden Green Energy’s decision to move forward with the Antrim Wind project reveals the corporation’s determination to exercise its “right” to profit at the cost of community rights to protect their own health, safety and welfare, economic sustainability, and natural environment. Antrim residents impacted by the proposed Antrim Wind project have overwhelmingly expressed opposition to this project throughout the SEC hearing process. Expressed support for the Antrim Wind project by the selectmen, in the face of significant opposition from residents, does not constitute community support.

Eolian Renewable Energy and Walden Green Energy plan to use the town of Antrim as resource colony for profit. NHCRN assists communities in elevating their right to protect themselves and the places they live, for the sake of the health, safety and welfare of residents, local economies and environmental sustainability.

The state is charged with protecting people’s rights – the most fundamental of all being the right to local community self-government, which is the right of people to collectively decide what happens where they live. NHCRN is opposed to the Antrim Wind projec​t because t​he residents affected by this project must have the authority to make the final governing decision as to whether or not it moves forward​, not appointed officials in board rooms miles away​.

Michelle Sanborn

N.H. Community Rights Network


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