Letter: Don’t drive high

Friday, August 11, 2017 10:47AM
Don’t drive high

To the editor:

“It’s the Republicans that leave things up to personal choice and allow you to exercise free liberties without governmental interference,” said Jaffrey Republican representative Sterling. Like the freedom to drive while high on drugs and kill someone's mother or sister or someone's child? You have to wonder , if Mr. Sterling’s daughter was killed by a driver high on drugs would he still feel the government has no right to impose restrictions on its citizens? Honestly have Republicans lost all sense of common sense and reality? Republican Alex Jones thinks there's something in the water that turns people gay, I think there's something in the water that has made white male Republicans completely nonsensical. To anyone with a modicum of logic in their brain many of the things Republicans are attempting to do, such as allow corporations to pollute our air and water, are just mind-boggling. Thank God for the few strong powerful women in the Senate! 

Bradford Banks