Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:17AM
End Afghanistan war

To the Editor:

President Trump’s proposed escalation of the war in Afghanistan is a costly and unhelpful decision that reinforces a corrupt failed regime in that country and continues the Pentagon’s pattern of spending enormous sums on troops and weapons in wars that can only be ended by negotiation.

In an interview with Sharmani Peries of The Real News this week ( http://tinyurl.com/hoh-afghan ), Iraq veteran and Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy Matthew Hoh characterized the decision as a windfall for the military-industrial complex and a loss for the movement for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Having already spent about a trillion dollars on the Afghan war, the US House voted for a nearly $700 billion Pentagon budget this year (HR2810). NH District 2 Congresswoman Annie Kuster voted for this bill. The Senate has not yet voted on its version of the bill, and Senators Maggie Hassan and Jean Shaheen still have a chance to take a principled stand against increasing the Pentagon budget.

Hoh pointed out that we waste money on this ...”because the circular motion of the money, the way it flows through the Pentagon, to the defense contractors, to the think tanks, back to Congress...” means this must be an endless war.

Let’s make a real effort to end the endless wars!

Jim Giddings