Letter: Gordon Services’ help instrumental to fair

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 8:48PM
Gordon Services’ helped fair succeed

To the editor,

The annual Summer Fair sponsored by the First Church in Jaffrey could not possibly continue to operate as it has done for 101 years without the amazing help of Cody Gordon and his men.

For the past several years Gordon has offered his team of employees to help set up and pack up the equipment needed for the fair, something the aging Fair organizers and workers have difficulty with now. Gordon and a crew of seven show up with their trucks at noon on a Sunday to haul dozens of heavy tables, chairs, tents, game equipment and display racks from a second-floor attic to various staging locations around the Jaffrey Center Meetinghouse.

Then at the close of the fair, at 4 o’clock on a Wednesday, they return and put it all back. They give this time and muscle, first on a Sunday when most workers are relaxing at home, then on a Wednesday after working as landscapers and contractors all day; in the summer heat and this year caught in the rain. And Gordon donates this work as a community service. The men are all very accommodating and tackle the labor with a positive spirit. The fair’s success is the result of weeks of planning and many days of preparation by 135 people, most of whom have done this every year.

Every fair leader and worker is appreciated but we want to acknowledge the special assistance that the men of Gordon Services provide.

Bruce and Pam Hill

Fair chairs