Local students make SNHU president’s list

Published: 10-27-2023 2:41 PM

Southern New Hampshire University named the following students to the summer 2023 president's list: Austin Brancheau of Rindge, Lily Hannula of Jaffrey, Stephanie Babb of Greenfield, Rebecca Redwine of Greenville, Sarah Giannini of Temple, Krystal Castle of Bennington, Ami Cutler of Wilton, Haley Davis of Antrim, Eugene Moriarty of Rindge, Nickolas Schoff of Greenville, Nicole Igo of New Ipswich, Nicholas Gravel of New Ipswich, Angelina Amico of Peterborough, Crystalyn Doyle of Peterborough, Aleah French of Peterborough, Elizabeth Atwood of Greenville, Samantha Lewis of Jaffrey, Shannon Bercier of Mason, Kathryn Whitaker of Jaffrey, Jessica Scholl of Peterborough, Kyunghoon Lee of Peterborough and Annika Jayne of Rindge (03461)

Full-time undergraduate students who have earned a minimum grade-point average of 3.7 and above for the reporting term are named to the president's list. Full-time status is achieved by earning 12 credits over each 16-week term or paired eight-week terms grouped in fall, winter/spring, and summer.

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