Letter: Looking forward to library of the future

Friday, August 11, 2017 10:47AM

Looking forward to library of the future

To the editor,

As a retired librarian and past member of the Board of Trustees of the Peterborough Town Library, I am familiar with the problems and limitations of the current building.  It is vital to our community that this historic resource be remade into a flexible multi-purpose 21st century structure.  The ongoing Library for the Future project will incorporate the original structure and add new multi-use areas to serve clients of all ages and interests.  

Thanks to the efforts of former library trustee Janet Shea, the original 1892 brick building was placed on the NH Register of Historic Places in 2006. 

During our tenure as trustees, we often discussed how to restore this building to its original appearance and purpose. Now, as part of the Library for the Future project, that will happen. The result will be an area for quiet study and research with its original appearance including brick walls, fireplace and no staircase.

The additions from the 1950s and 1970s will be razed and, in their place, will be new construction reflecting the original building  by the use of similar materials and shape.  The new facade on Concord Street will be visible and easily accessible. An elevator will ensure that everyone can use the entire space. Flexible and multi-purpose meeting rooms that may be entered after-hours will allow for renting of the space by outside groups.  The children’s room will be on the lower floor easily entered from the rear parking area.  No longer will there be three separate heating and cooling systems cobbled together that have been cantankerous and inefficient over the years.  There will be no wasted floor space in the book stacks or a staircase coming into their midst. The traffic pattern will be smooth and sightlines for the staff and public will be good.

I am encouraged that the Select Board and Town Administrator have expressed their support for this project.  If you would like to see a video narrated by Library Director Corinne Chronopoulos that gives you a great overview of the plans, use this link:  peterboroughtownlibrary.org/about/libraryproject/

I look forward to the day when this revitalized structure will expand on its historic role amongst public libraries and fulfill its mission as a community resource and hub.

Virginia Lee Miller