Lyndeborough fire truck committee presents recommendations


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Published: 06-05-2023 1:28 PM

After several meetings on the subject, a Lyndeborough Select Board subcommittee dedicated to reviewing how the town should purchase its fire trucks submitted its report to the board, advising among other things, a standing warrant article at Town Meeting for repair or replacement of trucks.

Overall, the committee recommended that the town continue to follow its capital improvement plan to save for the future purchase of new vehicles. However, it also advised that the Fire Department begin to look for potential used vehicles that might be suitable about three years before the trucks are set to be replaced. The town was recently able to replace one of its vehicles with a used vehicle.

In addition, the committee also advised that moving forward, the town include an annual warrant article asking for a standard amount which could be used for repair or replacement of vehicles. While each vehicle currently has a capital reserve account for its replacement, they require a vote of Town Meeting to use the funds. If there is a used vehicle available, the funds may allow the town to purchase it at an advantageous time.

The committee suggested a cap of $30,000 for purchases and repairs annually.

Select Board member Fred Douglas said the recommendations were “on point,” and that the town should have a plan to move on good-quality used equipment when it is available.

“We lucked out with our last purchase,” Douglas noted.

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The board did not take any official votes on the recommendations, but took them under advisement.

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