Cops called in 2 separate pranks pulled by former, current students at Mascenic 

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Wednesday, May 30, 2018 6:10PM

Police responded to two separate prank incidents at Mascenic High School in New Ipswich this month. 

Mascenic School District Interim Superintendent Stephen Russell said Wednesday the first incident occurred on Friday, May 18. One student left a window unlocked during the school day, then at about 1 a.m. eight students snuck into the high school, tossed toilet paper, and piled furniture in about a half dozen classrooms in the school, Russell said. 

While the group was in the building, someone tripped an alarm in the hallway and state police arrived. None of the students were apprehended.

Russell said there was no vandalism or damage done to any property in the building, beyond making a mess.

Russell said when administrators in the school learned of the incident they looked at security camera footage. The administrators were able to identify some of the students involved in the incident and brought them into the office the following Monday. Russell said an investigation into the matter took place, and the identified students were questioned. He said the students were told that they would only receive an in-school suspension if all eight students involved came forward and took responsibility for the prank.

The remaining students involved came forward and all were given an in-school suspension this week. The day for the students included cutting brush, cleaning school grounds, and cleaning out a woodshop.

“The purpose was to have them do in-school suspension to set an example that there are consequences for their actions,” Russell said.

He said they also were not allowed to eat lunch with their peers that day.

There were rumors after the incident happened that the people involved in the prank that night were wearing masks and that the eight students were given a catered meal paid for by the school during their in-school suspension, but Russell said those accusations were rumors.

He said the students will still be able to participate in graduation.

On Friday, May 25, three different people also pranked the school. Russell said the three people, two young men, and a woman, spread safety tape on some of the school’s light poles and put some grease on two or three of the building’s windows.

Russell said when administrators looked at the security tapes, they were able to identify two of the people involved as former Mascenic students.

He said police are looking at bringing charges against the people involved.

Russell said school officials had to pick up the tape and clean the grease off the windows, but no vandalism occurred.

A call to the New Ipswich Police Department regarding the incidents was not returned by deadline on Wednesday.

Russell said that these senior pranks tend to happen around this time of year, as the class prepares to depart the school for good. 

“I’m not condoning the  behavior, it’s an explanation for why this may have happened,” Russell  said about the two separate incidents.