New Ipswich votes to decrease mileage reimbursement for employees

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 6:6PM

The New Ipswich Select Board has voted to decrease mileage reimbursement for town employees.

During its meeting Tuesday, the board voted to decrease mileage reimbursement from 54.5 cents per mile to 35 cents per mile.

The motivating factor, explained Select Board Chair David Lage, in a recording of Tuesday’s meeting, is that in a breakdown of the mileage calculation, about 45 percent of the cost is attributed to the depreciation of the vehicle. 

“If your a salesman, going back and forth, I can see this being applicable,” said Lage. But the majority of the time, New Ipswich employees aren’t using their own vehicles for day-to-day business, and there aren’t a significant number of miles being added to their vehicles because of work, he said.

Lage suggested that reimbursement be set at 30 cents an hour.

Selectman John Veeser agreed with that logic, but said he’d be willing to set it at 35 cents, to leave a little leeway to cover the odd maintenance event that might occur as a result of the extra travel.

Their fellow board member, Jay Hopkins, questioned the benefit of the reduction, asking how much the town would save due to the move. The town budgets less than $1,000 annually for travel reimbursement, and the reduction would save about $360. But he agreed that town employees were not making their livelihood in their personal vehicles.

“To me, it could go either way,” he said. “It’s not a huge dollar value.”

Ultimately, the board agreed to set the new reimbursement rate at 35 cents a mile.