Monadnock Community Hospital celebrates 100th anniversary

  • MCH Philanthropy and Community Relations Manager LeeAnn Moore, President and CEO Cyndee McGuire and Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Relations Laura Gingras.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • MCH Philanthropy and Community Relations Manager LeeAnn Moore, President and CEO Cyndee McGuire and Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Relations Laura Gingras.  STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • Firemen Francisco Jaimes, Zach Blohm, Cody Boutwell, Will Blohm and Gage Kruger at the community fair. —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • The group Celticladda performs live music at the celebration.  STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • The Cornucopia Project’s tent.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • Sherree Hodson, Melbeth Cayabyab and Julie Quinn at the Birthing Suite booth.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • Violet Moore gets her face painted by Telehealth Coordinator Saffron Duffy. STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

  • William and Alice Hart explore the front seat of a fire truck.  —STAFF PHOTO BY ORIANA CAMARA

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Published: 6/5/2023 2:18:54 PM

On Saturday, Monadnock Community Hospital celebrated 100 years of providing care to the region with a community fair.

“We would not be here without the support of our friends and neighbors,” said hospital President and CEO Cynthia McGuire, who spent the day alongside visitors, circulating through the tents of games, food trucks, live music and department displays. 

Monadnock Community Hospital opened its doors for the first time on June 21, 1923. Four years prior, Robert M. Parmelee had donated his summer residence to the Town of Peterborough, and shortly after, the dwelling was renovated and transformed into the community hospital. 

McGuire is proud of the team at the hospital.

“Our employees go above and beyond. It’s much more than a job. It’s a calling to be in health care. Nobody’s job here is doable without everyone else,” said McGuire. “This celebration is about the community’s achievement. We wanted to showcase a network of local service providers, food vendors and community partners.”

More than 160 volunteer members helped make the celebration happen. The event was attended by 750 people, a number mirroring the number of individuals who showed up in support of the hospital on opening day in 1923. 

Violet Moore of Peterborough was excited to get a butterfly painted on her face by Telehealth Coordinator Saffron Duffy. Additional events for children included fire truck tours, which William and Alice Hart took advantage of as they explored the front seat of the vehicle. The Cornucopia Project’s tent hosted a simulation raised bed, and there was a checkup clinic for stuffed animals.

Activities for adults ranged from learning about various departments at the hospital by speaking with health professionals directly, food and learning about the history of MCH. 

The event celebrated those who have helped the hospital develop the identity it has today.

“This hospital was founded because of a vision in our community and our community leaders. That level of vision and leadership has flourished through these last 100 years,” said McGuire.

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