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Drive-in blues jam, live-streamed tunes highlight this week’s entertainment options

  • One Big Soul is performing shows at Mickey's Repair Service in Peterborough on Sunday afternoons, while audience members practice social distancing while watching in their cars or spread out in chairs in the parking lot. Photo by Kerry Close—

  • Tyler Allgood plays a weekly live show on Facebook on Thursdays. Courtesy photo—

  • The Park Theatre will show ‘A White, White Day’, a thriller from Iceland with subtitles, through its Virtual Movie Theatre beginning Friday. Courtesy photo

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Published: 4/23/2020 2:08:46 PM

Mickey Maguire needed a way to play music. After getting used to playing, three, four, five nights a week, it was hard not having any gigs to look forward to or audiences to entertain. And Maguire knew those people who were used to attending his shows – or any shows – were missing it too.

“I went out to see music multiple times a week before I ever played,” Maguire said.

So starting the first Sunday in April, Maguire and one of the bands he plays in, One Big Soul, set up at the edge of his garage bay on Concord Street in Peterborough and began to play. The blues band didn’t really know what to expect that first afternoon, but sure enough people walking by stopped to listen. They play mostly blues, but will mix in some classic rock tunes.

“A lot of people are live streaming, but here I have a spot where I can do it,” Maguire said.

The following week, more people stopped and some were listening from their cars, while they played for more than two hours on Easter Sunday. This past Sunday, “audience members” took it one step further and set up lawn chairs scattered throughout the Mickey’s Repair Service parking lot. The shows begin around 3 p.m.

“The lawn chairs were new this week,” he said. “More and more people kept showing up so we kept playing.”

It has caught on more than Maguire thought it would, after just putting a post on his Facebook page.

For Maguire, he feels that people need this right now, but at the same time he wants to make sure that everyone is being safe. So far, people have stayed six feet apart when in the parking lot, with some choosing to open their tailgate and sit in the back to listen. Others parked their cars along the first part of Sand Hill Road, a few sat on the guardrail across the street and some even came out from the Jack Daniels Motor Inn to listen.

“Everybody was being respectful,” Maguire said. “But if not, I will stop the music instantly.”

Maguire doesn’t want to promote the idea that life is back to normal and people should stop being cautious while being in the area of others, but just felt that folks could use a little music in their life.

“As long as the weather is good and this is going on,” Maguire said about continuing the Sunday afternoon music. “We’re all in this life together. So if we can make people forget about what’s going on in life for a little bit that’s a good thing.”

On Tuesday, Maguire said the weather didn’t look all that great for Sunday, so was thinking about playing on Saturday. He said he was going to wait till it got a little closer for an up to date weather forecast and make his decision. If One Big Soul does plan on playing, he said he’d post something on his personal Facebook page.

This Monday, Granite Peach, the acoustic duo of Kathryn Sabol and Mark Timney, will perform live at the Birchwood Inn at 7 p.m. But you’ll have to go on the Birchwood Inn Facebook page to catch the livestream.

Live at the Birchwood Inn began on April 13 when owner Matt Cabana invited his friend Tom Rousseau to perform. It was a big hit and when Rich Laurencelle did an acoustic set it has since received 2,500 views.

“We’re going to do it every week until we’re open for business,” said Cabana, who is open for takeout.

Tyler Allgood will go live with an hour and a half show on Facebook Thursday (today) at 7 p.m.

Allgood said he is doing one show a week and has been “treating it like a live show.”

“This is one way I’m keeping this going,” Allgood said.

To find Allgood’s show, search Tyler Allgood on Facebook.

Charlie Chronopoulus will continue his weekly livestream of shows with another installment on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. on Facebook. Search Charlie Chronopoulos for more.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Grand Monadnock Youth Choirs is providing meaningful and important ways for young singers to continue to sing together, while apart. GMYC is offering a free music resource for children and adults from anywhere, called GMYC Online. The videos are accessible through the website, www.GrandMonadnockYouthChoirs.org, and provide lessons on solfege, rhythm, vocal warm-ups, and songs.

The sixth installment of We Were Friends, “New Vistas: Goodbye” by Firelight Theatre Workshop will come to your living room on Wednesday, April 29 at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 each and $12 for Firelight Members. More information can be found at www.firelighttheatreworkshop.com/projects.

Monadnock Music recently launched its Music Matters Campaign, where it wants connect with people over how music has mattered in their lives during COVID-19. Just film yourself with a phone, laptop, camera, sharing what role music has played in your life during this pandemic, and why music matters to you. Email it to laina@monadnockmusic.org, or post it on Facebook and tag Monadnock Music, and videos will be featured on its website, YouTube channel, and in a mash-up video in the next few weeks. For some prompt questions and ideas, visit www.facebook.com/monadnockmusic.

Check out Peterborough Concert Series on Facebook, www.facebook.com/peterboroughconcertseries, for throwback videos, links to livestreamed shows and information about what’s coming up.

Andy’s Summer Playhouse will presents Friday Fireside Chats with artistic director Jared Mezzocchi on Friday from 7 to 8 p.m. on Facebook and Instagram.

The Park Theatre’s Pix Flix, which includes free online movies, will be an Alfred Hitchcock Film Fest with “Family Plot” (Friday), “Frenzy” (Saturday) and “The Lodger” (Sunday).

The theatre’s Virtual Movie Theatre will show “A White, White Day” beginning Friday. Online ticket are $12 for three days.

Monadnock Tonight!, a live TV program broadcasted via Facebook will include master chef, restaurant & chef consultant Jim Reiman on Tuesday at 5 p.m. The whole show is devoted to live cooking and live music

On Thursday, April 30 at 5 p.m, Monadnock Tonight’s guest will be Duncan MacDougall, executive director of the Children’s Literacy Foundation.


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