New Ipswich restraining order case continues in Kee

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 5:51PM

A temporary restraining order against a New Ipswich elected official has been extended again until a judge makes a final decision regarding the case.

A New Ipswich town employee filed the order against Alan Doyle, a budget committee member, earlier this month. The woman said Doyle lifted up the back of her blouse on the night of Dec. 5. She said the first time Doyle told her he was “just peeking” and the second time said that he was “gawking.”

The Ledger-Transcript’s policy is to not identify victims in cases of this nature.

The court in Jaffrey heard three hours of testimony on Friday. The hearing was continued in a court in Keene on Wednesday afternoon. The two parties wrapped up their arguments on Wednesday, but Judge Erin B. McIntyre said she needed time to review her notes on the case and make a final decision on the matter. She said that decision will likely be handed down by the end of the week.

After the Dec. 5 incident, the woman told the Town Administrator Joanne Meshna about what had happened. The woman told Meshna the incidents made her feel “yucky.”

The town launched an investigation into the matter, which concluded that Doyle had violated the town’s sexual harassment policy. Town officials sent Doyle a letter advising to make appointments before arriving at the Town Hall. It also suggested that he step away from his budget committee duties.

But after the incident, Doyle showed up at the Town Hall on a number of different occasions without an appointment. On one of those visits, the woman said Doyle stood with his arms crossed, glaring at her. The woman said the occurrences made her nervous, upset, and made her feel intimidated.

In court, Doyle denied lifting up the woman’s shirt the first time but admitted that he “flicked” it up the second time and said “woo, woo.”

Doyle testified that he and the woman had maintained a “flirty” relationship for a number of years. He said the woman came up to him and hugged and kissed him on multiple occasions. Doyle’s wife Rebecca testified that her husband and the woman who filed the order previously had a flirtatious relationship.

Doyle’s attorney has said based on their past relationship, “why would [Doyle] ever think lifting up the back of her shirt a couple of times would be offensive and stalking?”

The woman wants the temporary restraining order to become permanent, while the defense is asking for the order to be tossed.

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