Lyndeborough residents lodge noise complaints over motorized bikes trespassing on Granite State Concrete pit

  • Lyneborough residents complained about noise at a recent meeting coming from this site. STAFF PHOTO

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Published: 3/6/2017 10:01:00 PM

The town of Lyndeborough is taking initiative answering noise complaints relating to trespassers at the Granite State Concrete pit off Salisbury Road.

Resident Annie LaPlante addressed the Lyndeborough Board of Selectmen at it’s meeting Wednesday, March 1, saying that the noise generated by motorized bikes makes it sound like they are “in [her] driveway.”

“I don’t want to be unfair, but I want to be fair to me,” she told the board. “I moved here for the quiet, and you can’t hear yourself think, you can’t here the birds.”

Her home on Tarn Road is adjacent to the pit, where she says people ride their motorbike up to eight hours per day, seven days a week. She is going to the town now with the complaint because it is worst in the rapidly approaching summer. She says it has become more of a problem since she moved there three years ago.

The Lyndeborough Police Department has been summoned a handful of times, and run 68 patrols by the lot, since her first complaint on April 24 last year. But because there is no noise ordinance being violated, the pit is private property and it is on Mont Vernon, New Boston and Lyndeborough land, there is not much the police can do.

The Board of Selectmen agreed to write a letter to the property owner at Granite State Concrete asking for the gate to be locked and better attention to be paid to who is entering.

“I think to a great degree, we’re a little bit powerless,” selectman Fred Douglas said.

Douglas is not only a Lyndeborough selectman, but is also the chief of police in Francestown and former chief in Milford. He said that both of those towns have similar problems.

“What I’ve found is that loud is legal in New Hampshire,” he said, noting complaints about motorcycles in Milford. “I’ve seen the cross country bikes and they are very loud, and I sympathize.”

The best approach, according to the selectmen, is to look into a three-town plan for enforcement. Reportedly, New Boston police have also been contacted several times, including by LaPlante. Because the pit rests in three towns, there is confusion over permissions.

The riders, whom LaPlante thinks includes locals but she also said she has seen Massachusetts-registered vehicles outside the gate, have claimed they have permission. Granite State Concrete could not be reached for comment.

Outside the gate, which is in New Boston and about one half mile away from the mouth of Tarn Road in Mont Vernon, there are no trespassing signs posted by Granite State Concrete. “Violators will be prosecuted,” they say.

“There’s not much we can do,” according to Douglas. “Unless all three towns got together and took a proactive approach.”

LaPlante has also been before the Planning Board, which said there is no noise ordinance and does not have enforcement power.

At the same meeting Wednesday night at Citizens Hall, the board made plans for town meeting, coming up on March 18. Town Moderator Walter Holland was present.

“I’m here to talk about how smooth it’s going to go,” he said.

Only two of the selectmen – Mark Schultz and Lee Mayhew – will be present. Douglas will be in Francestown for its meeting, as the police chief.

They expect the most contested article to be reassigning a truck from the fire department to the highway department. The fire department is getting a new one and will not have room to house the old one. Part of the agreement would be that it could be recovered from the highway garage if ever it is needed.

“What people don’t understand is it isn’t the fire department’s truck,” Mayhew said. “It’s the Board of Selectmen’s truck and we can choose to move it.”

Also likely to be discussed is the Wilton Ambulance budget, for which Lyndeborough is being asked for an additional $1,300. The three selectmen agree that the reason for the budget mismatch is Wilton’s changes, and that town or the ambulance service can find the funds in its budget.

Kevin Leonard, chief engineer for the project improving Mountain Road, will be there to answer questions. The board hopes the work will make Mountain Road sound for at least 25 years.

Town meeting is Saturday, March 18, at 10 a.m. at Citizens Hall. The Monuments Committee will sell coffee and breakfast as a fundraiser. The town vote for officials and other ballot business is March 14.


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