New permanent makeup shop opens in Jaffrey downtown

  • Jackie Kilpelainen of Rindge has opened a new permanent makeup shop on 8 Main St., in Jaffrey, where she uses a tattooing process to create permanent brows, eyeliner or lip color. Staff photo by Ashley Saari

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Published: 6/23/2021 2:14:45 PM

Jackie Kilpelainen of Jaffrey’s newest Main Street Shop, Jax Permanent Makeup, helps people create a face of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color, through a type of cosmetic tattooing.

Kilpelainen said when she was younger, she went to traditional cosmetology school and spent some time working in a salon, and then for a stretch of more than 20 years, worked other 9-to-5 jobs before deciding to return to her original trade.

She said when she first became a cosmetologist, she had never heard of permanent makeup.

“I actually didn’t know this was a thing, until someone came in and asked if I did it. When I looked it up, I thought, ‘If this was a thing when I first graduated, I would have been doing this the whole time,” Kilpelainen said.

Kilpelainen said she enjoys cosmetology, but traditional makeup is washed away at the end of the day. Having her work remain permanently, and also directly benefit people who have struggled, sometimes for years, with issues with thin or faint eyebrows, instantly appealed to her, she said.

Kilpelainen studied the art and apprenticed at another salon for a year before opening her own shop in Massachusetts, pre-pandemic. She said like many other salons, she had to shut down for nearly three months in March of 2020, and said business had only just started to recover to pre-2020 levels before she and her husband made the decision to move their home and Kipelainen’s business to New Hampshire.

Now housed on 8 Main St., in Jaffrey – what she joking calls her “re-start number three” – Jax Permanent Makeup has been open for business since the start of June, and is accepting new clients.

While some of her clients are just interested in not having to put on a face of makeup every morning, Kilpelainen said, some have lost eyebrow hair to plucking, or have always had light or nearly invisible eyebrows, or have eyesight that makes putting on eye makeup difficult, or have lost hair due to cancer or alopecia. Since eyebrows especially help create expressions, this can result in a hit to self-confidence.

“People who are very concerned about looking their best all the time, it makes them insecure. If they can wake up every day, feeling like they have that, and I can help make them feel like that, there’s no better feeling for me,” Kilpelainen said.

Kilpelainen recalled one customer who had thinned eyebrows to the point she had to apply brows with makeup every morning, a process that took her nearly an hour every day.

“She was late for everything. She wouldn’t go in the water for a swim,” Kilpelainen recalled.

When she saw her new permanent makeup, she cried, Kilpelainen said.

“That’s why I love doing it,” Kilpelainen said.

And while a cursory Google search will often tout the techniques as “semi-permanent” Kilpelainen said interested customers should be clear – permanent makeup is a tattoo. While it can fade with sun exposure or time as any other tattoo, and may need touch-ups every few years to keep color crisp and dark, it is a permanent process. The processes range in price from $600 to $750, and require between one to two hours of tattooing.

For more information about Jax Permanent Makeup and the services offered, visit, call 593-5049 or email for an appointment.


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