Peterborough Community Power Committee provides update on rates and timelines

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Published: 3/15/2023 11:32:26 AM

The Peterborough Community Power Committee has set the default rate for Peterborough customers who will start receiving power through Community Power Coalition of New Hampshire (CPCNH) in May. 

The town will be buying power in bulk through the nonprofit power coalition, which will enable Peterborough to offer power at prices lower than Eversource’s default rate. All current Eversource customers will be automatically enrolled in the plan and will have the option to opt out. All non-Eversource customers will be able to opt-in to the plan. 

The Peterborough Community Power Committee set the default rate as CPCNH’s Granite Plus rate, which will cost 16.2 cents per kilowatt hour, 20 percent less than Eversource’s default rate. Under the default tier, 33 percent of the electricity provided would be from renewable sources, versus 23.4 percent for the Eversource default.

Customers will have the option to choose three other tiers. CPCNH set the Granite Basic rate as 15.8 cents per kilowatt hour, which will cost customers 22 percent less than Eversource’s default rate with 23.4 percent of electricity coming from renewables.

Clean 50 will cost 16.9 cents per kilowatt hour, 16 percent less than the Eversource default rate with 50 percent of electricity from renewables. Clean 100 will cost 19.1 cents per kilowatt hour, 5 percent less than the Eversource default rate with 100 percent of electricity coming from renewables.

“There is no cost for switching between PCP and Eversource, and there is also no cost for switching among the four options in PCP,” Peterborough Community Power Committee co-Chair Joel Huberman said.

Customer notifications will be sent out on March 28 with information about rates, options and enrollment. It will include instructions on how to opt-out of the program, opt-up or down within tiers or opt-in for non-Eversource customers. For those automatically enrolled and happy with the Granite Plus default rate, no action is needed.

The program is expectecd to be launched in late April, with Peterboruogh customers likely starting to receive power through CPCNH at their meter-read date in May. 

The Peterborough Community Power Committee will hold a public information session Wednesday, April 5 at  6:30 p.m. in the Peterborough Town Library’s 1833 Room. If people have questions prior to the session, they can send email to Huberman at or Tony Cassady at tony.cassady@

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