Peterborough will temporarily use new trash bags

  • Example of the yellow bags moving into circulation in Peterborough's waste collection program due to a supply shortage. —Photo Scott Bradford

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Published: 11/24/2021 10:09:54 AM

Due to supply chain issues, the Town of Peterborough will be temporarily using new trash bags. 

The smaller of the two sizes offered by the town has been hit with a shortage, according to Recycling Superintendent Scott Bradford. The regular blue trash bags are part of the town’s municipal waste program, which has a pay-as-you-throw system to encourage recycling by charging for the bags required to dispose of non-recyclable waste. The price of the bags also pays for the processing of the disposal.

The bags are sold in local stores, and are available in two sizes, either 15 or 33 gallons, with a price of $7.50 for smaller bags and $15 for the larger ones. This shortage affects the smaller bags, and they will be replaced with yellow ones from Coweta County, Georgia. 

The shortage is caused by a number of factors, like many supply chain issues nationwide, according to Bradford. In particular, the manufacturer of the bags, in South Carolina, has run into a shortage of plastic resin used to make the bags.

The town is all set with larger bags, but the next batch of smaller bags will be covered by a “massive overage” from Georgia.

“There’s absolutely no change in price, quality or quantity, just the color,” said Bradford. Different-colored bags for processing aren’t new, he said – sometimes he still sees bags in colors that haven’t been in regular circulation for 10 years or more, and they’re all accepted the same.

These yellow bags will start to be moved into local stores in about two or three weeks, according to Bradford. The expectation is for the small blue bags to be back in stock in January, although he expects to see yellow bags for a long time afterward.

Additional updates will be provided by the town as necessary.

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