Ernie will be missed

  • Peterborough Police Capt. Ernest Belletete at Peterborough Memorial Day parade in 2017. Meghan Pierce

Thursday, May 31, 2018 4:51PM

We are saddened to report this week that Peterborough Police Capt. Ernest Belletete (who will hence forth be referred to as Ernie in this editorial) is stepping down from his full time position on the Peterborough police force.

And more so, that he has moved from his longtime home of Jaffrey to Keene where he is starting a new career in the funeral home business.

Now we know he plans to stay on in Peterborough as a part-time officer and Keene is not that far away, but here at the local newspaper we will miss him.

We will miss his friendly voice when we call the Peterborough police station with a question about the police log.

We will miss his friendly smile at Jaffrey zoning board meetings.

(Did we mention Ernie is friendly?)

And we will miss him as he slowly disappears from the community service scene in both Jaffrey and Peterborough. Because, though, he has been an active member of the Peterborough Kiwanis Club and is president of the Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter board, we know his life in this part of the region will slowly fade away as his new hometown, job and community become his priority.

If there is anything we know about Ernie, it’s that he responds to the needs he sees before him and acts to do the most good. That is what he did as a resident of Jaffrey, showing up to serve on various town board’s and committees. And that is what he did as a police officer in Peterborough.

Ernie brings an ethos of service and a smile wherever he goes. And we are guessing the two are connected.

According to the internet Leo Tolstoy said, “The only certain happiness in life is to live for others.”

Looks like Ernie and Tolstoy have it all figured out. So if we could all be a little bit more like Ernie I think we will be OK.