Rindge police help three not-so-little pigs find their way home

  • Many travelers on Cathedral Road in Rindge on Monday morning snapped photos of Detective Rachel Malynowski and Officer Thomas Horne providing traffic control for three escaped pigs.  Courtesy photo

  • Despite not having any knowledge of pig wrangling, Rindge Police Detective Rachel Malynowski said she was happy to go out and help three not-so-little pigs that had lost their way.  Courtesy photo

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Friday, November 24, 2017 9:41AM

Rindge police were called to Cathedral Road on Monday morning after receiving numerous calls about three unruly subjects playing in the road.

While one of the subjects bit one of the officers, no arrests were made. Instead, Detective Rachel Malynowski and Officer Thomas Horne provided three local pigs with a meal — the animals responded well to dog food, according to Malynowski — and traffic control until their owners arrived. 

“It was a humorous situation and a lot of people seemed to get a kick out of it,” said Malynowski. “It was nice to see so many smiling faces. I’m glad we were able to give people some morning comic relief.”

Malynowski said during an interview Tuesday afternoon that this is the first time she has responded to a pig-related call in her tenure with the department. 

“My first thought was ‘I don’t know how to wrangle a pig,’” said Malynowski. “They don’t teach you those kind of things at the academy."

Despite the pigs being unruly — one of the pigs thought officer Horne’s shoes looked tasty, according to Malynowski — they were able to successfully provide the protection the animals needed to ensure they weren’t hit by a Monday morning commuter. 

“We recognized that the animals were soon to be slaughtered for food; if they were hit it would’ve been detrimental to the owners,” said Malynowski. 

Malynowski said two of the pigs were about a half-mile away from home and that all three were likely in search of food. 

Two of the pigs were successfully guided home with the help of the owner, who walked them back with the help of a police escort.

Malynowski said she and officer Horne had to leave the scene before the owner of the third pig came as two other calls came in simultaneously around 8:15 a.m., but she was later told that the third pig made it home safe. 

“[This is] why many of us choose to live in the Monadnock area,” said George Carmichael, who emailed a photo of the two officers providing traffic detail for the pigs.